Meet the Parents

Today, I finally got the chance to meet A's family (minus one of his sisters). His mum is an elementary school teacher. She and her fellow teachers plus their families are on a vacation to Bandung and Jakarta this weekend. They visited Sari Ater this morning, so A and I went there to see them.

I had always felt so anxious about meeting them. I'm sure that the anxiety was normal (right?). Turns out, his mum is super nice (without exaggeration) and very pretty (again, no exaggeration). I didn't talk too much with his dad, though. It's always kinda awkward for me to talk to dads. I don't know why. I need to work this out ASAP. His sisters are also super nice. One of them who is in high school is already friends with me on Facebook. We've talked a lot through Facebook Chat and BBM, so when I finally met her in person, we could go on talking quite naturally. His youngest sister looked kinda shy around me, but we had a nice talk about her new pink watch-through whispering. Haha. She's very cute :)