It's Sunday Again

23 Mar 2014

Last week passed me by like it was only just two days and it's Sunday again. I had planned to just stay at home, looking up for jobs online, but then I decided to go out with A for a flash date. We went to have surabi and milk soda in Waroeng Setiabudhi, then we walked to Ciwalk to play PIU. Turned out, playing PIU with a full stomach was not wise. We both felt like throwing up but at least we made it home. I really hope next week will be fine. I have a big thing going on on Friday next week. See you then.

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  1. What exactly is surabi? It looks absolutely yummy!

    1. It is a kind of Indonesian traditional food. Similar to pancake, but surabi is made from rice flour and coconut milk. The based mix is salty, but the topping can be both salty or sweet. There's a Wikipedia page for it, actually. It explains surabi better :)


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