Don't Feed The Troll

I admit that I am a troll.

Yes. You read that right. I am a troll and I enjoy reading GOMI, though I have only written like 3 posts in the forum. I enjoy hate reading a particular famous blog that's got a 500+ page thread on it and silently nod whenever somebody points out that the blogger(s) pull out too many pigeon toes. I also enjoy creeping on my Facebook's news feed to read people's statuses and laughing at their whinings. And if I find that someone I hate posts statuses about how shitty her job is and how they haven't paid her for two months or how 'unmanly' her boyfriend is, I feel like a winner. Yes, I admit that I am that kind of person.

Since I am such a horrible person and such a troll, I can tell you this:
Don't feed the troll.
Don't whine on social networking sites.
Be smart when posting something that the public can read.

In the age of digitalised social life, we often forget that there are literally million people out there who can get access to our private life. We often forget that when we post about (let's say) family issues, not only our families or close friends can read that; the entire population on our friends list can also read it. Now, check your friends list. Out of those 2,000's faces, how many of them are actually the people you know in person? They can read your posts, your private posts, unless if you limit what you share.

So, here are some things that you may consider. (Remember, these come from a big, fat troll that I am, so you can say they are legit tips).
- Stop whining.
- If you just can't stop it, use the privacy settings on Facebook very wisely. Put all those people in your friends list into several lists, so you can choose which lists can read your personal statuses and which lists can only read general posts (like those cute cat videos you share from YouTube).
- Carefully accept friend requests. A big fat troll that used to keep bugging you and whom you unfriended a long, long time ago may create a fake account and try to friend you with their new account (yes, that shit really happens), so it can be useful to carefully choose the requests you accept.
- If you blog, please bear in mind that you have chosen to give strangers the access to your private life. Therefore, you should be ready to be judged and criticised. Don't be such a cry baby and/or drama queen; it makes us trolls even happier and gives us even more stuffs to snark about.

Life is never simple, you guys. It gets even more complicated in this era. The trolls are horrible, but at some points, they can also be right. Now, if you could handle listening to what they're snarking about, you could actually get some tips on how to make you a better person/blogger, and thus give them less things to gossip about. Just don't feed the troll, alright?

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