Pekanbaru in Some Pictures

16 Feb 2014

It's been more than a week since my trip to Pekanbaru. It's kinda too late to write a post about it, but I need something to write about anyway. So here are some pictures taken during the trip. Some were taken by me, and some others were taken by my co-workers.

The content team upon arriving
First day meeting
There were elephant statues in front of the hotel!
Swimming at dusk
The luxury life we had back there

It was a Crazy Week

10 Feb 2014

I wrote this last post just past midnight on Sunday (or Monday, technically) saying that I needed to focus more on my final paper. I went to bed very late that night, and then I got up, got dressed, and went to ITB to work on a project that a friend had offered and I had said yes. At that time, I had written down a timeline for what I was going to do this month. First week, I was going to work on said project while also conducting observations for my final paper. Second week was for finishing my research and third week was for finishing my final paper so that I could sign up for the oral presentation at the end of the month.

But then my manager asked me to join the team and fly to Pekanbaru on Thursday. The business trip would take two days and we'd go home on Saturday morning. There goes my whole plan, fellas. The next thing I knew was I was sitting on my seat in a plane flying north.

I will probably write a separate post about my business trip, so please let me continue the story to after we landed back in Bandung. It was Saturday and it was Velentina's birthday. We had had a plan for that day since January, so I didn't want to cancel. Hell no. We went karaoke-ing and walked around the mall wearing party hats.

The next day, Sunday, my cousin held her wedding ceremony and reception. I had been assigned as a bridesmaid, so I got up early in the morning and got dressed and had my makeup done and bridesmaid-ing all day.

It was one helluva week.

If You Can't Hold On

3 Feb 2014

Right now I think there's nothing more hurtful than seeing your best friends all graduating college and leaving you alone to start their journey on the real life (or career path that is), while you're here being busy and such with the part time jobs you think you need just because you want to have a CV full of work experiences. What am I doing with my life? What am I pursuing, really? I feel like an infant who is already running a marathon while I actually still need to learn how to walk. I have to finish my final paper and graduate college before having multiple jobs, don't I?

This is it. This is the point where I need to take a big break and re-evaluate my whole life. Bear with me, my friends. Bear with me and be there in the morning to pull me through.

Cause I think I can't hold on any longer.