Weekend Wandering #3 Braga Culinary Night

Last Saturday, our new mayor launched another one of his many breakthrough programmes. After opening several themed parks (photography park, skate park, and the infamous jomblo park), he officially launched Braga Culinary Night. It's a culinary festival similar to this, but being held on weekly basis. So from now on, every Saturday night, Braga street will be closed for vehicles and become a street full of food stalls.

However, due to the high enthusiasm of the local people plus tons and tons of visitors, the first day of Braga Culinary Night was like an enourmous traffic jam, only it was people there, not vehicles. It was super crowded; very crowded that you couldn't even walk to the food stalls. You literally had to fight for your way there. We experienced what we thought was the most ironic thing in the world: being starving in a culinary festival.

But since this is a weekly event, I really hope that it will not be as crowded as the first opening for the weeks to come. I want to actually enjoy the food, the night, and the atmosphere as a whole.

Oh and pictures!

The crowd

The boys

The girls (and boys)

The couple

The umbrellas

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