My First Time in Kawah Putih

I must say that I feel kinda ashamed that I hadn't been to Kawah Putih before. It is a famous tourist attraction in southern part of Bandung; a crater of mount Patuha. Last Tuesday, I finally got the chance to visit the crater with A. It was already chilly in the lower part of Bandung, so it was super cold up there. Plus the wind was blowing very hard, making it quite hard to breathe in the sulfuric air. It took us two and half an hour to get there and yet we were only allowed to stay for 15 minutes at most, since the sulfur level was pretty high. But even if we were allowed to stay more than just 15 minutes, I don't think I could stand the cold wind and the smell of the sulfur.

Also, see those boots I wore? A bought them for me. I love them so, so much! Bandung has been cold and raining for the past weeks, so I wear them almost everyday. I'm thinking about buying more leggings and jeggings to wear with them. What can I tell? I'm in love :)