Diana's Engagement Day

27 Jan 2014

Yesterday was a happy day because Diana finally got engaged after years of desperation (no kidding!). A sort of party was held at her house and all the four of us were there. It had been hard for us to gather in a complete formation since we all have our own things to mind. Glad we made it there. We're so happy for you, Diana! *group hugs*

Some Film Photos from New Year's Eve

21 Jan 2014

I always find NYE so funny, because we usually plan it waaaaay before Christmas and we'll forget it already on the third day of January. Are you with me on this?

So, it's easy to forget that I had taken one roll of film photos using that beauty above on NYE. I left the roll inside the camera and forget that I had it for almost two weeks(!) I just had it developed and scanned a few days ago. These are some of the photos.

My First Time in Kawah Putih

18 Jan 2014

I must say that I feel kinda ashamed that I hadn't been to Kawah Putih before. It is a famous tourist attraction in southern part of Bandung; a crater of mount Patuha. Last Tuesday, I finally got the chance to visit the crater with A. It was already chilly in the lower part of Bandung, so it was super cold up there. Plus the wind was blowing very hard, making it quite hard to breathe in the sulfuric air. It took us two and half an hour to get there and yet we were only allowed to stay for 15 minutes at most, since the sulfur level was pretty high. But even if we were allowed to stay more than just 15 minutes, I don't think I could stand the cold wind and the smell of the sulfur.

Also, see those boots I wore? A bought them for me. I love them so, so much! Bandung has been cold and raining for the past weeks, so I wear them almost everyday. I'm thinking about buying more leggings and jeggings to wear with them. What can I tell? I'm in love :)

Weekend Wandering #3 Braga Culinary Night

14 Jan 2014

Last Saturday, our new mayor launched another one of his many breakthrough programmes. After opening several themed parks (photography park, skate park, and the infamous jomblo park), he officially launched Braga Culinary Night. It's a culinary festival similar to this, but being held on weekly basis. So from now on, every Saturday night, Braga street will be closed for vehicles and become a street full of food stalls.

However, due to the high enthusiasm of the local people plus tons and tons of visitors, the first day of Braga Culinary Night was like an enourmous traffic jam, only it was people there, not vehicles. It was super crowded; very crowded that you couldn't even walk to the food stalls. You literally had to fight for your way there. We experienced what we thought was the most ironic thing in the world: being starving in a culinary festival.

But since this is a weekly event, I really hope that it will not be as crowded as the first opening for the weeks to come. I want to actually enjoy the food, the night, and the atmosphere as a whole.

Oh and pictures!

The crowd

The boys

The girls (and boys)

The couple

The umbrellas


9 Jan 2014

So I take it you've watched the two episodes of the much awaited series 3 of Sherlock, no? Can we talk about how the writers of the series literally put fandom in the first episode? I could imagine them scrolling past their Tumblr dashboard, favouriting fanfics, and taking notes on how to put in the next series.

There. I only wanted to say it.
Rewatching The Sign of Three with Miss Luna

It's snacks for two

2014 Resolutions: Get More Organised

3 Jan 2014

schedule board

Since getting not one, not two, but three part time jobs, I knew I needed to get more organised. So this is it, one of my resolutions for 2014: get more organised. I use this schedule board to track the things I need to do. I also write lists of targets I want to achieve this month. Hope it will help me do my works.

Happy 2014!

1 Jan 2014

Happy first day in 2014, people! How was your new year's eve? Mine was spent by barbecue-ing with A and six other friends of ours. We ended up going to bed at 4.30am but it was so much fun! Now after napping all afternoon, I feel that I'm ready for 2014. I'm still yet to write down my resolutions, but I already have one thing in mind: a business. Let's see if I would be able to tackle all the shits and start the business soon. Raise your glass, and here's to another year of fun! Cheers!
Yes. We used hair dryer to blow the burner.