Before Our Vow

26 Dec 2014

Dear Afief,
It feels so weird. In less than 24 hours, I'm going to start a new life with someone I've just known for 3 years. I had this realisation a few days ago, and it made me cry myself to sleep, resulting in a pair of puffy eyes in the morning. But isn't it weird, though?

I met you in the middle of 2011 and now at the end of 2014, I'm marrying you. I'm devoting myself to you. After what felt like one hell of a year, and another year which turned out to be great for the both of us, we're getting married. Eventually. This is a big leap. A lot of people were surprised when I told them that we were engaged; they were more surprised to know that we'd only be engaged for 4 months before officially tying the knot. I, too, feel like I'm still too young to get married every now and then. But I guess it is what it should be. All the things have led us here in this path. Now, I'm ready.

But the fact remains: we're still very young. I'm still stubborn. I really hope we can make it through our first year, second year, and all the years to come.

So darling, let's do this.

Seven Days Until The Big Day

20 Dec 2014

There are only seven days left until I get to marry this wonderful guy. Where did the time go? I mean, seriously; it really felt like we got engaged last week, then BOOM! It's 20 December already.

I'm sorry it's been really quiet here in this little blog. These past two months have been so hectic. I might have not tell you, but we don't use a wedding organiser. My mum is basically the only one who organises everything, from the catering to the make up artist to the venue. Well perhaps except for the invitation letter. Afief designed it using an illustration made by our friend, Citra. (Fun fact about the illustration: I originally asked Citra to draw a picture of us for our blog, Tuan + Nona. But it turned out to be too cute to be used as a header, so I kept it for our wedding invitation later. We hadn't got engaged yet by that time, but still... :p)

Now that it's only one week away, I'm so glad I can say that everything is ready. I only have to sit back and relax send out several wedding invitations left. I hope everything will be okay and go according to the plan :)

Mata Ilmu Teachers' Playground

8 Dec 2014

What makes a good company? I think the answer is happy employees. When the employees are happy with their working environment and/or workmates, they will resonance a positive vibe and their performance will become better. Our company, Mata Ilmu, overs tutoring services, so we really need that positive vibe and good performance from our employees (aka tutors). For that reason, we held an outing yesterday morning. It was called "Teachers' Playground". Even though only few people showed up, the event was super fun! We had several games, like photo hunt, the Thumbs Up game, the Put Your Hands Up game, fast typing game, and quiz.

We chose The Town Hall Park as the venue. We felt that an open public space was more suitable for an outing rather than to go to a specific outing venue. Lucky us, it was cloudy but didn't rain during the event. The Park was not too crowded, which made it more convenient for us.

It was so fun and full of laughters. We hadn't had an outing since June (which was our annual gathering). Yesterday's event made me realised how much I had missed hanging out with them. We're trying to create more similar events like this rather than a simple monthly meeting that we usually have. We hope that there will be more tutors who come to our next event ;)

Diana's Wedding

5 Dec 2014

Last Sunday was Diana's wedding day! I'm so happy for her because I know her relationship history with several guys that's gone wrong. Haha... I'm so glad she finally settled down with someone she loves so much. Congratulations, honeybee!

Saying Good Bye

2 Dec 2014

Changes are inevitable. People come and go. That's how life goes, right?

Last week of November was also my last week teaching in this high school. With the wedding on the way (it is this month, OMG!) and the semester coming to an end, the time for me to leave is also getting closer. This week is finals week. I still have to go to school to write students' reports and do other stuffs. I will leave permanently next week.

It's not easy to leave the students I've only been teaching for less than five months. I've grown close to most of them. They are very nice. Sure, there are several students with extraordinary behaviour, but deep inside my heart, I love each and all of them. They are funny; some are also silly, asking questions like "Ma'am, what is 'sunset' in English?" I tried to look tough as if leaving them wouldn't make me sad, but to think that I'll never get to stand in front of them and make them confused with all those grammar rules breaks my heart a little.

But as much as I want to stay and keep being their teacher, I really have to go. I'm going to move one and a half hour away and I won't survive the everyday commute if I teach there. I hope my decision to resign is the best way.

So as for now, we have to bid each other good bye.

Big Hero 6 + Mockingjay Part I

23 Nov 2014

November is a big month for movie goers like us. After Rurouni Kenshin and Interstellar, we got the chance to watch Big Hero 6 and Mockingjay Part I in less than one week, I was so excited for both of the movies, because Big Hero 6 is the first Marvel-Disney animated movie (it's Marvel, duh!) and because the Hunger Games series played a big role in our relationship. We didn't see Big Hero 6 on its premiere, but we did see Mockingjay on its first showing day (which was one day earlier than in the US).

Big Hero 6 is a very heart-warming movie. The story is about a genius teenage boy, Hiro, who befriends his  deceased brother's robot called Baymax. Baymax was originally designed to be some kind of a personal health care assistant, but Hiro, fueled with anger and vengeance over his brother's death, turns it into a fighting robot. Along with four other friends, they team up and chase after the bad guy. It's that kind of movie that makes you go all teary but not in the Toy Story 3's kind of way (I ugly cried!). It still has Marvel's touch of humour, though. So it's not all sappy. I'm sure you'd want to see this movie. Go take your little siblings or cousins or nieces and nephews, while it's still showing! And since it's a Marvel movie, don't forget to be patient and stay for a while to see the hilarious post credit scene ;)

Mockingjay Part I is kind of meh; or so I think. I remember when I watched the first part of Deathly Hallows, I couldn't wait for the following year to see the last part. The same goes with The Hobbits series (it's next month, you guys!). But with Mockingjay, I didn't feel the same excitement when the credit started rolling. Maybe it's mainly because the book itself is actually pretty short, so splitting the story into two movies seems unnecessary. The first movie becomes stretched, and there are several unimportant scenes added; scenes that made me go like "Huh, so what?". But then again, I may not give the movie a fair credit, since Mockingjay is my least favourite book among the other two. One thing that I love from this movie, though, is the fact that they brought back Effie and placed her in District 13. She's a sight to see. Also, I like the casting for President Coin and Cressida.

So, there's that. Next month will be great too, since there will be Stay With Me Doraemon and The Battle of Five Armies. Come on, December!

Tune In Thursday #2

13 Nov 2014

I'm so glad Tune In Thursday is back! I rarely listen to any new music. I only listen to old songs (like Five For Fighting's 100 Years and Outkast's Hey Ya. SUPER old!). So when I tried and listened to 5 Seconds of Summer's debut album and liked it, I figured that Tune In Thursday should make another appearance.

Listening to 5 Seconds of Summer gets my old memories back. I feel like a teenager all over again. (All this wedding planning has made me feel way older than I really am.) They have this pop rock sound that reminds me of the old Boys Like Girls and McFly. I think the world needs more of this genre. All those so called "pop" songs about sex and booties are getting boring. Gimme more pop rocks!

Anyway, here are my two favourite songs from their self titled debut album. Do you like them too?


11 Nov 2014

At first, I didn't plan to watch this movie at the cinema. I did want to watch it, but I intended to wait for the movie to be available for download. But the buy 1 get 1 free ticket promo by my debit card provider was too good to resist, so last Saturday A and I watched it.

This movie is about a post-apocalyptic Earth where the atmosphere is no longer good for living things. Animals are all already wiped out, and people can only grow corn. The United States have collapsed into poverty. The main character was Cooper, a widowed man with two kids. He was a NASA pilot, but he became a farmer after an incident. Cooper and his daughter, Murph, are very close. Murph constantly tells him about the "ghost" in her room which knocks down some books and other things off the shelf every now and then. At first Cooper doesn't really pay attention to it, but one day, the "ghost" leaves a string of binary code in the form of dust trails that turns out to be a coordinate for the new NASA headquarter. One thing leads to another, and Cooper is sent to an interstellar mission to search for another inhabitable planet for the sake of the humankind.

I must admit that I don't really understand space science, so it was kinda hard for me to fully grasp the theories presented in the movie about wormhole, black hole, the time differences, etc. I got out of the cinema with a headache due to that fact. There were also a lot of spinning in the scenes plus bright lights. My head couldn't take that much pressure all at once, so I needed to stop myself from puking. Yes, it was that bad for me.

But in the big picture, this movie isn't so bad at all. The idea of exploring the universe and searching for another planet for us to live in is so interesting. I've always wondered if there are other planets with living things out there since I was a kid. My 12-year-old self would love watching Interstellar. Plus, there isn't any sexual scene in this movie, so it's actually appropriate for kids who are curious about space, stars, planets, and such.

It is, however, a little bit slow and boring at the beginning. I almost fell asleep three times during the first 30 minutes. There are several scenes which are not important and can actually be cut off from the movie (like the one when Cooper and his kids drive through a corn field chasing a drone). However, just like other movies by Christopher Nolan i.e. The Dark Night trilogy, it gets better and the end is quite satisfying.

My last words are: you'd like it.

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Congratulations, Persib! #PersibJuara

10 Nov 2014

The school in which I've been teaching is located in an air force base complex. The main part of the complex is the Husein Sastranegara Airport, which also functions as an international commercial airport. After winning the Super League on Friday night, the whole squad of Persib Bandung, along with its official crew and Mayor Kamil, boarded a Hercules plane from Palembang to Husein Airport on Saturday afternoon.

I decided to go home right away after work, but the main gate of the complex was closed. Hundreds of bobotoh (a term used to refer to Persib Bandung's fans) were blocking the way and I had to turn back and use another exit. That was when I thought "Hey, why don't I wait for Persib too!" I mean, hundreds of people were outside that gate, wanted to get inside but weren't allowed to. And there I was, already inside the complex. I only needed to wait for a few minutes for them. So I decided to wait.

What I thought would take just a few minutes turned out to be one full hour. But it was worth the wait! I got to see them from just 2-3 meters away and took several pictures. It was my very first time experiencing this kind of euphoria. It was so thrilling and it gave me goosebumps and I'm not even a die hard fan of them. I'm glad for those who love Persib with all their heart. They must be over the moon right now.

Once again... congratulations, Persib!

Weekend Links

8 Nov 2014

This week has been so amazing, especially for people in my city. Our football team (Persib Bandung) finally won the league for the first time in 19 years! People went out partying in the streets last night. There were celebrations everywhere. Our mayor went completely crazy and will fulfill his pledge of shaving his head off on Sunday during the celebration. If you're going to be in Bandung tomorrow, you should definitely come to our celebration.

In the meantime, links!

*written in Bahasa Indonesia

Television Updates

7 Nov 2014

New season of my favourite series has finally started! I'm so excited to watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Elementary again. I also found another series and started watching again some series I had left behind. I may add another series to my watch list based on Velentina's recommendation. Here they are, the series I'm currently watching, just started watching again, and just added to the watch list.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Have I told you that I'm a huge fan of Marvel? Well, my love for Marvel isn't as big as mine for Agent Coulson. In this season, he is Director Coulson. And with the Avengers: Age of Ultron coming up, I'm really curious about the future of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the new director. In the first six episodes, this show deals with how S.H.I.E.L.D. struggles to rebuild itself and erase the terrorist label plastered over it. Skye's father also has made several appearances. I think Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has too many mysteries. Usually, it's not a good thing for series. (I mean, look at Heroes that got cancelled after four seasons.) Well, either that or I'm just a stubborn girl who wants to know everything right now.


I'm so disappointed with the season premiere of Elementary. The reason why Sherlock is back in New York isn't appealing for me. The case is very interesting, though. Also, I love Joan's clothes I want to steal her wardrobe.


I found this series while getting lost in Wikipedia. I decided to give it a try and instantly fell in love with the first season. It's about a small town in USA that turned upside down (not literally) after several people come back after being dead for years. I got disappointed with the second season's first episode, though. After all the tension in the first season finale, the resolution that the second season's first episode gave is very lame. It gets quite boring in the latest episode, but I'm going to keep watching for my curiosity.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

I'm an avid fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender (the animated series, not the live action), so when I found out about its sequel, I was really excited. I watched the first season and grew to hate the new avatar: a stubborn teenage girl from the Southern Water Tribe. I stopped watching after the first season ended. But when two weeks ago I found out that a) Zuko is still alive, and b) Toph is still alive too!, I decided to give the series another try. Halfway through the second season, I almost gave up once again due to how much I hate Korra, but I kept watching. I must say that the third season is quite good. I am yet to watch the fourth season, but I will.

Downton Abbey

I also gave this period drama another try, and man was I not wrong. The fourth season is as good as the previous ones. I have only watched two episodes, but the whole season is on my (binge) watch list.

How to Get Away with Murder

According to Wikipedia, How to Get Away with Murder is a legal drama. Velentina recommended it to me, but I haven't started watching. According to her, I'm going to like it because it is similar to Sherlock. I'm not really convinced that anyone can create a series as good as Sherlock, but we shall see.


Bonus point: who's excited for Marvel's Agent Carter?

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See You Next Year, October!

6 Nov 2014

Well, excuse me while I'm cleaning up the dust on this blog.

October came and passed by like a blink of an eye. It was nice. I had my birthday and it was on Sunday, so I could have a small date with Afief. It was no biggie; we only went to the mall, but felt so special. Well, to be totally honest, any day spent with him is special. He gave me an ukulele as a gift. I love it so much! So far I've learnt to play three songs with standard chords. More to come, of course ;)

Now that it's November, it means that our big day is less than two months away. I've found myself even more distressed, but I haven't cried yet at all! This is totally something. Also, it seems like we've found a place to live after the big day, plus we've booked our tickets and hotel rooms for our honeymoon. It's all so exciting.

I've loved November and all its rain so far, but I just can't wait for it to be over already. Sorry, November. But I know you'll understand.

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On Teaching and Being a Teacher

13 Oct 2014

I have mixed feelings about teaching. Since I was a kid, I had always wanted to be a teacher. I often played school with my friends, with me being the teacher and my friends as the students. My mum taught me basic math since I was 3, so when I turned 7 I was already better at math than my friends; so naturally, I taught them math in our "class". I really enjoyed playing teacher. Whenever grown ups asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said "A teacher!" with confidence.

After graduating from English education programme and getting my degree in teaching, I still had mixed feelings about whether I wanted to be a teacher or not. Turned out, I no longer enjoyed teaching as much as I did back when I was 7. College has taught me that being a teacher is not a simple task. Teaching deals with social interactions (e.g. teaching in front of the class, communicating personally with the students, facing the parents, etc.) and paperworks (e.g. lesson planning, grading students' works, creating and grading tests, writing reports, etc.), both at which I am not good at all. If you really know me, you know that I am socially awkward and a bad procrastinator. I'm not a suitable person to be a teacher.

And it was clearly shown! I resigned from a teaching job after just two months of employment. Then I got another teaching job at a high school and then I yet again felt frustated. I complained a lot. I took even the smallest things as signs that I had to resign and got another job somewhere else. I saw it like the whole sky was covered with dark clouds and I couldn't see the silver linings.

Since I've just started on August and I felt like it was wrong if I resigned in the middle of the semester, I decided to stay. At least just for this semester. I thought I'd resign at the end of the semester. I felt that the momentum would be right because at the same time, I'm getting married.

Perhaps that decision was the best I've ever taken, because as the days go by, I started to enjoy being a teacher at this school. I love the students. I love being the authority figure during the teaching activity. I enjoy grading their tests (I procrastinate every now and then, but when I am grading them, I really enjoy it). I've grown to be used to my schedule. And while I still need to work on my social skill when it comes to interacting with (older) fellow teachers, I've managed to reduce my anxiety and started talking to several teachers. I still keep my mouth shut most of the time, but I am not as awkward as I used to be and I've grown to care less about what others might think about me as long as I'm not bugging them profesionally. I've grown up a lot since the first time I stepped in to that teachers' room. It's not too much if I say that I'm proud of myself, isn't it?

I still don't know if I will resign at the end of the semester or not. I'm going to move out of my parents' house anyway, so I may live far from the school. It hasn't been settled yet, so I'm still open for other options. But as for now, I think I'm going to survive.

Weekend Links

5 Oct 2014

This week I've been feeling lazier than usual. I've postponed a lot of things, especially school related stuffs (like grading my students' tests). And that is why this weekend links consist only five links. Sorry. But here they are:
  • Have you seen this post I reblogged to my Tumblr? It's hilarious!
  • I did myself a huge favour and downloaded the first issue of the new Thor. I personally think it's promising. So does this article.
  • I saw Annabelle yesterday and it wiped out all my dreams of living in an apartment. But Kaylah brings them back by sharing her apartment's living room in her blog.
  • Kaelah has the best mug collection ever. She inspires me to start my own collection as soon as I get my own kitchen (in less than 100 days!)
  • Chelsea just beat Arsenal 2-0 in the London derby. This also happened.
Have a happy weekend!

Oh hello there, October!

1 Oct 2014

There are less than 100 days left in 2014. Have you reached your new year's resolution(s)? Me neither, my friend. Me neither.

Yes, I finished my final paper and graduated. Yes, I got a job. Plus, I got engaged (not really a resolution. Haha). But I still feel kind of empty. While I do love my students, I don't think I'll hold onto my teaching job for too long. For the past month, I've been thinking of resigning at least three times. I've started thinking that there must be something wrong with me, because this isn't the first time that I don't feel like staying in a job that I've had for less than three months. My business is growing, and I can't seem to split my focus into two branches. I keep forgetting things. I once forgot to inform a tutor about a change in her schedule and it ended up conflicting with other tutor's schedule. Should I keep my teaching job or should I resign to focus on my business? That is a question of which I must find the answer.

Anyway... October! It's my month, yay! I will turn 23 this month and I'm feeling all the feels. I'm excited to be 23, but I also hate being 23. I'm old! Where did my teenage years go? Haha. But perhaps my birthday this year would be different since now I'm engaged*. That's not a hint for my fiance, but if he took it as one, I wouldn't mind :p. What a year, 2014!

*So sorry for mentioning the word "engaged". Each day I become more and more of an annoying blogger. I promise to tone it down a bit.

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28 Sep 2014

Whoops! Look at me missing a whole week of blogging. Really, I'm trying to get back to regular blogging like I used to do back in 2011, but it's just so, so hard. Life happens, but no interesting thing shows up; nothing to blog about. So I guess I've grown up to be a boring, lame adult who never has fun and just work work work for the job she doesn't really like. *sigh*

But, BUT, rambling set aside, my fiance and I did a little photo session for our save the date. We chose to have it at the very first place we met: our university, or the Partere Park to be precise. We went back to the exact same spot where we first introduced ourselves to each other. Although I actually wrote a blog post when we first met, I haven't really told the story of how we met (like met met, not met met--get it? Haha). It was kind of funny. Everytime I look back, I always smile and think "Oh how I wouldn't have even thought about marrying that skinny boy!" (he was skinny). Maybe I'll just save the story for later, eh?

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend! XOXO

Bridezilla Diary #1

23 Sep 2014

I'm very lucky. My wedding planning goes smoothly without any trouble so far. We already set a date, booked the venue plus the wedding singer (in one package), and ordered the food and beverages. We only need to fix our guest list and then choose the dress. I can't be measured for my dress yet, because I've just hit my lowest number on the scale. I'm 46 kg. This is my lightest weight since junior high. I need to gain at least 3 kg. I have to eat more.

A and I have been busy. We haven't had the chance to have out engagement photos taken. Hopefully we can do it ASAP so we can make a save the date announcement. I'm so excited!

Weekend Links

20 Sep 2014

This week, I had three days off (not including Sunday). Too bad I got sick on Sunday and spent said days off staying home. But, hey! At least I got to stay home and I got the internet back after being down for a few days last week, so I managed to collect several links to share with you. Hopefully I can make this post a regular. I'm not good at posting weekly posts (I failed miserably several times), but I'm going to alternate between links post and quote post every week. I hope I can make it this time ;)

Here you go:


19 Sep 2014

This post has been sitting on my draft folder for months now. I'm posting it today because I've been thinking of confessing. I have a big secret. I still don't have the guts to confess, but someday I will say it. I will tell the world.

I've been following Blogsecret and reading PostSecret for months now. I keep seeing secrets on my Tumblr dashboard every time I log in. Sometimes it's kinda comforting to see people's secrets and some that we can relate to. It's nice to know that we're not in this alone. There are people in the world, and right now another soul is being born. Among those people, there are some who feel exactly what we're feeling right now. I'm quite sure about that.

Not long ago, one friend came out of the closet. And yesterday, another one did the same. Their statements somehow had initiated a thought in my mind: How many people around me are actually keeping a big secret?

How many of them are not what they seem to be?
How many of them are pretending just to make their surroundings happy?
How many of them are acting like someone that the society expects?
How many of them are gay?
How many of them are atheist?
How many of them are no longer a virgin?

They exist. They're around us, those people with their eyes screaming to be heard. I wonder how many people I know are keeping a big secret.

And I can't help but wonder, too, if I'm actually keeping a big secret myself.

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Tune In Thursday

18 Sep 2014

I've just recently discovered New Politics (I'm always late in almost everything!) and now I'm super obsessed with this band. New Politics is a Danish dance-rock band. While this is usually not my genre, I am so much in love with their single entitled "Tonight You're Perfect" from their latest album. Another favourite is "Stuck On You" from the same album. Here they are:

So, are you guys into New Politics too? Any other band I should start listening to?

Our Engagement Story

16 Sep 2014

The first time we talked about getting married was one year ago. It was in the evening, in the middle of the road in Kopo. We were heading home from a friend's house. I don't remember what we were talking about before that topic came up. He told me he wanted to marry me in 2014. I told my mum what he told me, much to her surprise. She said that we were too young. I didn't talk about that topic again.

Fast forward. It was July 2014. We were both in Lampung, just in different cities. We were texting and I jokingly asked "So, when are you going to propose?" I wasn't expecting a direct answer, but he replied with "After Eid." He then told me that he was going to propose in late August. I didn't have the guts to tell my parents. I forced myself to tell my mum, in hopes that she would tell my dad. Well, she didn't. In our culture, when a man wants to marry a woman, he has to ask her father's approval. I told A that I was too scared to tell my dad. A decided to tell him himself. So that was exactly what A did.

He came to my house right after he arrived in Bandung after the Eid. He told my parents that he was going to bring his parents to my house to propose to me. My dad, being the kindest man that he is, gave us his blessings and gladly invited A's family to come. Three weeks later, A came to my house again. This time, he brought along his father and uncle.

It was not a big ceremony. There was just a talk between the two families, and then he asked me the big question. I said yes. He put the ring on my finger. After that, we were given a lot of advices about married life and marriage in general. Then we have lunch together and it's a wrap.

There wasn't any surprises. No fancy restaurant. No maracas band hiding in the bush. No lake picnic. Not even getting on one knee and holding out the ring while asking "Would you marry me?". No such things. It was just a simple, traditional engagement party (can we call it a "party"? Technically?) but the whole thing was so precious. I still remember the anxiety, the excitement when I was waiting for A and his family to arrive. I can't believe that it happened more than 3 weeks ago because I still remember it like it was just yesterday!

How I Combine My Love of English and Internet to Earn Money Online

15 Sep 2014

I miss regular blogging. I've had a lot of things in mind: wedding planning, house hunting, seserahan shopping, et cetera, et cetera; but I still can't write them all as I don't have the right pictures or photographs to be put on those posts. I'm one of those bloggers who really hold onto the belief that a blog post should have at least one picture on it. I'm holding onto that belief religiously.

One of the many things that I've been wanting to share is about my financial struggle this past month. There have been some issues regarding my new job as a teacher, and as a result, I didn't get paid last month. I've been struggling to keep going with only a paycheck from tutoring, which ended last month, meaning I won't get any more paycheck from tutoring this month. My paycheck from teaching in high school won't really pay my bills, actually. It is way lower than the minimum wage and won't make ends meet. I know I wouldn't be able to survive if I only depend on teaching.

A few months ago, my fiance introduced me to an online outsourcing website called oDesk. It is a marketplace where employers and freelancers can meet. I signed up, but hadn't really looked into it until last month. I found a joblisting looking for freelance English to Bahasa translators for a popular website. I have been an amateur English to Bahasa and Bahasa to English translator for a few years now, so I applied for the job. They gave two sample texts for me to translate as a (paid) test. Two days later, they sent me an email saying that I was accepted. Since then, I've translated eleven articles and got paid more than my paycheck as a teacher. Isn't that great?

For as long as I've known the internet, getting money online has always been a dream for every user. I've seen all around the WWW a lot of ads and promotions saying that we can earn money with just a few clicks, but not all of them is true and safe. Here are some tips for getting money online.
1. If it is too good to be true, it probably isn't. Ever seen those links saying "Get $$$ for just signing up!" passed around on Facebook? It's really suspicious, isn't it?
2. There is no such thing as easy money. You need to work to earn money. Signing up and sharing the links asking people to sign up are not counted as working.
3. Always check the credibility of the websites. I personally consider outsourcing websites that have legit Wikipedia pages (like oDesk,, and as trustworthy.
4. Pay attention at how you will receive your payments. For example, oDesk has a range of payment methods, like via Paypal, local bank transfer, Payoneer, etc.
5. Choose the joblistings very carefully. When applying for a job, ask for an upfront payment if necessary. Don't apply for suspicious or illegal jobs.

Many people have successfully earned money through this kind of outsourcing websites. There are hundreds of job listed everyday. It works for me so far, hope it'll work for you too.

Oh, August.

2 Sep 2014

What a month, August! I started working as a real teacher, graduated from uni, and got engaged; all in the span of one month. It was an August to remember. The August where I officially became a grown up woman. Thanks, August. I love you. See you next year ;)

Trivia: Yes. I typed 'August' six times in this post.

An (Exciting!) Announcement

26 Aug 2014

Hi, just stopping by to announce that A and I are engaged!
More details will be shared soon.

Agustusan in Pictures

18 Aug 2014

Our independence day is always such a fun celebration. It is a tradition that we hold many kinds of fun and playful competitions, such as panjat pinang, balap karung, balap makan kerupuk, balap bakiak, lomba gebuk bantal, tarik tambang, etc. This year's Agustusan was quite different for me. I got to attend the independence day ceremony as an invited guest and I got to join the competitions along with other teachers at school. I signed myself up for three competitions: balap bakiak, tarik tambang, and balap makan kerupuk; all three of which I lost. But it wasn't about winning; it was about having fun. And I sure had lots of fun.

I'm usually strict when it comes to posting pictures. I try to keep them less than six in one post, but these pictures are just too good to be kept. So I'm posting ten. Brace yourselves!