The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

30 Dec 2013

I'm still quite unsure of what to say about this book. It's that kind of books which will make a good movie script and will make a nice small budget Valentine's Day film. I have this thing about past faced stories, like those of Dan Brown's. However, Dan Brown's books almost always leave me with a severe headache, whilst The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight (what a long title!) leaves me with smiles and sighs. I love it. Perhaps the only thing I hate about this book is the fact that it was poorly edited. There are some grammatical errors and wrong words placements (I'm currently building up a career as a proofreader, so yeah...) but other than that, I'd put this book on a special shelf in my future house.

Oh and this is my favourite passage:

Garut with the Family

27 Dec 2013

To me, Garut will always have that special place in my heart. Many things happened there that built me as person that I am today. I hadn't been there for a while, but yesterday my family and I went there for a one-day roadtrip. It was totally fun :)

When I'm Busy, I Listen to These

15 Dec 2013

Hi! Yet another quick update in between my busy night proofreading Velentina's skripsi (yes, that b**** has her skripsi finished before I do mine. Betrayer!) just to share with you some of my favourite songs to listen to whenever I'm busy. Enjoy!

Mira's Wedding Ceremony

12 Dec 2013

Hi! Stopping by just to post a little life update. Yesterday was Mira's wedding ceremony. It was semi private, but we were invited to see it. It was only a small event since the reception will be held in May next year. Congratulations, Mira. So excited for you!

I Survive Chickenpox

5 Dec 2013

On mid November, my sister got infected by chickenpox. We still don't know where she got it from, but she got well after 10 days. She now has a few scars on her face and more on her other body parts. She didn't show any symptoms other than those little bumps (i.e. fever, fatigue, etc.) Well unfortunately for me (who hadn't been infected), my immune system gave up and so I was infected too, right after my sister got well and started going to school again. My symptoms were the opposite of that my sister's. I got high fever and fatigue, but I only had a few little bumps on my arms and legs. Now that I'm getting better, I'm so thankful that there is only one scar from the chicken pox (the rests are from pimples. Ha!)

So glad to finally be able to walk outside the house and feel the sunshine on my skin. I love being healthy!

Catching Fire + An Abundance of Katherines

1 Dec 2013

The thing about getting to watch a movie on its first showing day is that you also get the pleasure of saying (or shouting, if you prefer) "What do you mean you haven't seen Catching Fire? That movie is rad!" So, I have been pulling my hardest try to see every good movie on its premiere. It's been that way since, like, two years ago or so.

And of course I did that too for Catching Fire. Not only it was predicted to be a succesful movie, being the sequel to The Hunger Games that it is, but the whole series is also a special series for me. The Hunger Games was the first movie I watched together with A (we weren't technically on a date back then, since we saw the movie together with other friends and we hadn't confessed our feelings for each other, so-). It was actually me who dragged him into watching it and later into liking the trilogy. It's super special.
Catching Fire premiered in my country one day before the actual worldwide premiere schedule. People on Twitter were questioning it but I just grabbed a newspaper and there it was: Catching Fire was on. Luckily, I got two tickets for the afternoon show. A showed up a little late, but I didn't miss any part of it.

Boy was the movie almost exactly like what I had imagined it would be! It's the perk of watching the first movie before reading the whole trilogy. I read the trilogy with the movie in mind; Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. That way, when I read Catching Fire, I could get a clear image on how the movie would be and then it all came true. Just like magic.

And speaking of magic... (If you're friends with me on Goodreads, you might have seen that I have stated this there) John Green is hands down the Albus Dumbledore in young adult fiction writing. That man is like wizard with his way of writing. I just finished An Abundance of Katherines and it left me with yet another John Green-gasm. Well, it's still not as good as Looking for Alaska, but it is... significant.
I think it's the thing about John Green's books; they're significant. I've read a critic about them somewhere, saying that John Green has this boring plot in each of his book: a wallflower-kind-of boy and a girl with a there's-no-other-girl-like-her personality whom said boy falls in love with. I agree with that, but we can't put aside the fact that each of them is so significant that everytime you finish one book, you crave for another. Or so I feel.

And now that I've read five out of six John Green's books, I should probably hunt the last one. Also since Mockingjay willl not be released until next year, I think I'll just sit here excitedly waiting for The Hobbit (13 Dec) and series 3 of Sherlock (which will air on the New Year's Day! Finally!)