Roadtrip to Jakarta

You know that some people (or somebody?) say that the cure for a broken heart is salt water: tears, sweat, or the sea. I'd like to add that beside salt water, a roadtrip also cures the pain. I had both on Saturday.
Vicky and I had been talking about taking a roadtrip since two weeks ago. There were two plans back then: Jakarta or Cianjur. Since Vicky never drove too far from Bandung, the two options were the only possible destinations. We decided to choose Jakarta and go to Ancol beach. We also asked Irma to join us and so on Saturday morning, we went on our very first roadtrip.
The road to Ancol was not very packed, as it was highway all the way there. There was only some traffic jam in the tollgates, but other than that, it was just fun. We arrived in Ancol at around 11am. We only spent two hours there, taking pictures and sitting around. We went home at 1pm because we had to be home by dusk.
This was really fun. We should do this more often.

PS. Thank you very much for all the loves for Billy. I don't believe in pet heaven or the like, but I'm sure all the good souls will go to a better place when they leave this world. Thank you very much. It makes me feel better to know that he is loved even after he is gone.

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