Lily is too...

29 Nov 2013

When I said that November felt like it had been going on forever, I meant it. I had to lose Billy at the beginning of this month. And, it breaks my heart to say it, I had to lose Lily too yesterday. Yes, Lily is gone too.

Losing two wonderful little angels in less than a month make me think that I'm the worst pet owner in the whole universe. They were just 5 month old kittens. I feel sorry for Miss Molly that she had to lose her two kids because I couldn't take care of them.

Now I only have Miss Molly and Luna. I swear to God that I'm going to take care of them better from now on.
Good bye, Lily. Now Billy can go chasing flies and you can watch him do that with your big eyes. I love you, sweetheart.

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  1. oh no, did they get outside and get lost or what happened? that makes me so sad to hear. our little kitty died last yr and we cried and cried and cried, even my dad. (you can hear the story on my blog if you search "Ole" if you're curious). btw i wonder if you know anyone I do, my friend's from west java : ).

    1. They died. I lost two kittens in just three weeks. One died because of distemper and this one died due to diarrhea. Kittens are super vulnerable.

      Yes I'm from the capital city of West Java. Where does your friend live?


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