Dreams and Growing Up

When I was younger, I used to dream about traveling around the world. I dreamt about graduating high school and getting a scholarship abroad. I dreamt about leaving on a jet plane, off into the sunset to the west and starting a new beginning out there.

Then when I started studying in university, I still dreamt about traveling around the world, but at that time, my dream had changed. I wanted to travel the world alone. My first years in univeristy consisted of tons of teen angst, (I know, I know. It was weird since I was around 19 years old at that time, but perhaps I was a late bloomer because everything was worse at that time than it was in my earlier teenage stage.) and I kept thinking about moving out of my parents' house to start my own life. I dreamt about leaving this city and travel the world around, hopefully without having to go back at all. Ha! Teen angst!

Fast forward to three years later and here I am now as a 22 year old young woman. Do I still dream about traveling around the world? Why yes I do, of course I do. But that dream doesn't seem as sweet as this new dream I have now: to live in peace. In that three year gap, a lot of things have happened; things that have turned my whole life upside down. All I want now is just some peace.

I understand that it's never good to give up on your dreams, but I'm sure about one thing: dreams keep shifting along the way. And when you grow up, you should understand and accept the fact that not all dreams are meant to come true. When you can't make it happen, it doesn't mean that your life ends. If it is meant to be, it will be.

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