October is My Month

All the SEO masters will surely cringe at my choice of lame title for this post, but hey! I mean it! October is my birthday month and so it is my month, right?

Alright. So I finally got a time to go back to the blogland after two weeks of not-even-turning-on-my-laptop-for-anything-besides-doing-progress-on-final-paper. In fact, I just finished marking some posts read on Bloglovin'. Hundreds of them. (Exhausting!) And I didn't even do that on my laptop. I'm using my (brand new :D) tablet to read blogs and post this tonight. Tiny screen, awkward keyboard, tethered internet connection, but it's the only convenient way as for tonight.

I feel like I need to tell you that I hate complaining about my final paper to anybody other than my boyfriend and a few friends. That's why I've been avoiding this blog. I've ranted enough on Twitter, I think, that I shouldn't bring the negativity here. Like I said before, I should probably go back to using this blog as a getaway whenever real life seems unbearable, just like what I did a couple of years ago. Reading back to those days, I can see that my writings nowadays look dull compared to the old ones. I also used to have quite a number of royal readers and commenters. I don't know if the decreasing number is because of me or if it is because of the big changes in the blogland just like what Kaelah talked about on her blog a few days back. Well, I was never a famous blogger, but even the amateur like me has been feeling the shifting so perhaps it is real.

Anyway, while I was gone, I got myself a plenty of part time jobs and one that I had to cancel due to the conflicting schedule. (See? I wasn't kidding when I said I was busy.) I am now a coordinator assistant in a private course institution and also a social media manager for a startup fashion line. Busy, arent I? ;)

So, yeah... Here's to October, my super special month.

PS. My tablet's wallpaper is from Kristen Victoria.

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