Typical September

I hate to say this, but I've always had this little hatred for September for years now. Majorly because it is the start of the new school year, but also because last year's September was, like, the lowest point of my life. I am a pessimist, so when August came to its end, I already knew that I shouldn't have put too much expectation on September. That, however, doesn't help with the disappointments I experience right now.

First, one of my final paper supervisors is busy for the whole first three weeks of September, so I have to postpone any progress of this paper to the last week of September. What?

And to add to that, my laptop charger is broken so I can't use the laptop at all. All my files are there, and even though I'm using Dropbox to backup some of them, most of the references I've downloaded from the internet are in the folder which is not automaticaly backed up to Dropbox.

I'm using my family's PC to post this and the old keyboard is... well, old. We rarely use it now that each of us owns a laptop, so this keyboard is covered with dust, much like the tomb of Pharaoh.

So, yeah... I really need to fix my charger.

On the brighter side: my boyfriend bought me John Green's An Abundance of Katherines(!!!)

I love John Green. As I said on Anjali's blog, John Green is like the Albus Dumbledore of young adult fictions. I've read all of his books, except An Abundance of Katherines and Let It Snow. The last one I read was Will Grayson, Wil Grayson and I finished it in just three days. What a waste of a good book, no? So for this one, I'm taking my time. It's been four days and I've only read 20 pages. Hahaha

PS. My dad just called from Way Kambas and he said he'd buy me elephant tshirt and stuffed toy. Woot!

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