Neutering Miss Molly

After thinking about it since the first time I adopted her, I finally had the gut to take Miss Molly to a vet and had her neutered. (If you have pets, you should consider neutering them too. You can read this if you're still unsure.) On Sunday, PKDB (or Pecinta Kucing Domestik Bandung, a cat lovers community in my city) held a charity event where cat owners could neuter their cats for a cheaper cost. I signed up Miss Molly and so she went under surgery on Sunday night.

I witnessed the whole surgery procedure through a window. Miss Molly had an anesthesia shot, but she was awake and her eyes were opened. I don't understand how anesthesia work, but I knew she didn't feel anything because she just lay there looking confused. I kept waving and smiling at her. She was looking at me with a puzzled look, like "Where am I? Who are these people? What are they doing down there?"

For about 20 hours since the surgery, she didn't want to eat or drink. She slept all day yesterday, but she finally ate her food in the afternoon. She's doing fine now. In fact, she eats a lot. People say that a neutered cat has the tendency of getting fatter and I don't mind at all. Cuddling with Miss Molly would feel even more fun if she put on some weight. Her kids are all supportive too, in a way where they keep bugging her and asking to suckle.

I'm just hoping that the stiches are cured soon so that I can cuddle with her again. I really miss hugging her tightly.