Will you sit down and have a cup of coffee with me for a little while?

I've been a little sick for the past couple days. I don't want to blame it on anything, but maybe I'm just a little hard to myself. I should start writing my final paper, but I don't. I should start chasing after my supervisors, but I don't. I should start looking for a way to tell my mum about something important, but I don't. All I've been doing is thinking, thinking, and thinking. All thinking and no action at all. I don't even go out to enjoy the sun; I just sit around at home and think.

Then I start wondering why I stop using this blog as a getaway like I used to do all the time. I used to find blogging as an escape from the burden of the real life. Well, you know... reading all those blogs about how awesome people's lives are could lift up my spirit a little bit, and then after hours of blogwalking, I would get myself on my feet again and chase my dreams. Oh how simple life was.

I fully realise that this post is totally nonsensical. I'm just rambling here.

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