Weekend Wandering #1 Bandung Hobbies Festival

This post is image heavy.

Today I went to Bandung Hobbies Festival in Graha Manggala Siliwangi to visit A's booth there (not his, of course, but his workplace's). Their booth has the demo version of Angkot the Game. The gameplay is quite simple, but what makes it more fun is that instead of using a joystick, mouse, or keyboard, it uses perceptual camera as the controller for the vehicle. It is like this: you move your hands in circle in front of the camera, as if you are actually driving but with an invisible steering wheel. Their booth is crowded. People queue to try this game.

The other booths have various features, but mostly action figure exhibitions. There are also manga drawing clubs, zombie lovers, cosplay players, diecast die-hard fans, and the one that caught my eyes the most: the Star Wars exhibitions.

Star Wars prints

More prints plus a Darth Vader costume

You can buy a jar of these cutesy Minion cookies for 50k ($4,50)

Plants versus Zombies papercrafts

Look at these itsy bitsy pedal cars! I especially love that pink one in the bottom right

A snippet of Angkot the Game and my boy being interviewed by a local TV station
This event is held for two days, so you still have tomorrow to attend it. The ticket is only 15k ($1,50). If you're in Bandung for the weekend, this event is worth going to.

PS. Remember how I used to post "Weekend is for..." series? I'm trying to make this "Weekend Wandering" as a regular series, so let's just see if I can work it out.