Life, etc.

I've been back in Bandung since Saturday morning, but somehow I didn't have the passion to connect my laptop to the internet and come back to the blogosphere. Right now I have 100 unread posts on my Bloglovin dashboard with no idea how to read them all before I get another unread post. You blogger ladies surely have such high creativity that I don't *sigh*.

Anyways, I only got to spend like five days in my grandma's house Eid week this year. I spend less and less days every year, which is sad. I remember that when I was about 7 or 8, my family used to spend the whole Ramadhan there. Changes are inevitable.

But, I'm going to go back to Lampung at the end of August to attend my cousin's wedding, so it's kinda okay.

If you really read the title of this post, you might have (or might have not) expect a post with a kind of life update or something. Well, I did intend to do that, but now I don't think I want to do that anymore. And I don't have the energy(?) to change the title. But here's a picture of my sister and Bill watching anime:


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