This was the fourth movie I watched in these past three weeks. Summer sure is a hard time for a college student like me. There are so many good movies that I want to watch but I have to keep it on my budget limit. Why can't they be released periodically, like, one good movie each month in the whole year? Ugh, Hollywood!

Anyway, Despicable Me 2 is super hilarious. I've read many good reviews of this movie and I agree with most of them. It actually has a cliche plot and storyline that I could guess who the bad guy was since, like, halfway through the movie. Besides, it doesn't have a sad part; unlike the first one and any other children's movie.

However, these flaws are put aside by none other than the Minions! Yes. I think it will be safe to say that Despicable Me 2 would be nothing without them. Take them away, and the movie is dead. 90% of the laughters in the theater was caused by them ("Bottom! Hahahahahah..."). I hope they could do it better if they are going to make Despicable Me 3. Since there will be Minions Movie, if Despicable Me 3 doesn't have a good stodyline, I don't think people will be interested.


Oh and by the way, have you watched this mini movie?