Introducing: William Hooper

Exactly one month ago, on 6 June 2013, Miss Molly gave birth to three cute kittens. One male and two females. They are very healthy and like to run around the house since they were 3 week old. However, since two of them have full black fur, I find it kinda hard to take their pictures. So, I'm going to introduce them one by one, starting from the first born one. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
William Hooper
aka Bill

He is the only tabby cat among the Three Diablos (yes, based on this). He has striped black-brown-grey fur. He is the naughtiest of them all and the first to mastered the skill of escaping their nest, a cardboard box where they were born. He is super handsome and likes to cuddle. He's going to be a playboy cat one day.