Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean 4.1.2)

When I got my very first Android phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, it had Eclair on it (Android 2.1). Back then it was good enough as I only used it for tweeting and stalking people on Facebook. However, when Instagram announced that they were going to release an Android version, I was super excited. That was when I hadn't known that it needed Gingerbread and up, and you should know that Sony Ericsson did not give Xperia X8 an update to Gingerbread. And then I found that it was actually possible to upgrade my phone to Gingerbread by using a custom ROM called GingerDX. Vicky taught me how to root my phone and then install the custom ROM on it. I was happy. I was glad.

Then I got another Android phone, the Sony Xperia Miro with ICS. It is actually more than enough: nice camera, bigger screen, and with what I've learnt I can customised it all I want. I rooted it, installed Link2SD, etcetera. But then Instagram did it again: they released the video feature only available for Jelly Bean. You can call me crazy, but I really love Instagram so much that I took a big decision to once again upgrade my phone to a newer Android version using custom ROM. This time, it is Cyanogenmod 10.

I'm using Nova Launcher for my home screen. The icons are from an icon pack called Tiny White Icon Pack. I don't put any widget on the home screen just so my wallpaper can be seen clearly. Hehehe...

Turns out my Instagram still can't be used to upload videos because the app stops working everytime I get to the "Choose a Cover Frame" stage. I'm still yet to find how to fix this, but hey... at least I have an old-but-new phone now, right? And I'm also glad that I can use Unlockbootloader and Flashtool now. I'm not a real geek so that makes me think "How cool is that, huh?"