Midnight coffee has become a routine for me for these past two weeks. All the haze and craze about final paper and student teaching report paper have taken their toll on me. I should've finished writing them, like, last week, but you know me. I'm the number one procrastinator of the year and the best deadline-runner. There's something about the adrenaline-rushing, heart-pumping procrastination that I just can't live without. It's in my blood, ya know.

But perhaps, there's another reason why it takes me so long to finish my papers although I've spent nights staying up late. It's the fact that when the clock strikes two, I always find myself reminiscing last year. There's a lot of thing happened last year. And even though I'm okay now, I can always find something to be sad about from last year's memories at 2 in the morning in every single day.

Every now and then, I need to remind myself of something someone told me a few months ago:
What can't be fixed can only be forgiven.

And let go, if I might add.

And here's a song that I dubbed as "Soundtrack of June 2012":