Keuken #4 The Jolly Camaraderie

I wrote an Indonesian version of this post here. It's not exactly the same, but they generally talk about the same thing.

Among other things that A and I both love, perhaps food has the top place. This Sunday afternoon, we went to Burger King to enjoy their Hot Challenge deal before going to his place to have chiffon cake. Not only that, on the evening, we went to Keuken, an annual food festival. We had ramen and kebab there. My stomach is overjoyed (but also overwhelmed).

Since we didn't get the chance to spend Saturday night together, this Sunday night date was super fun and really helpful for me to escape from the head-spinning revision of skripsi proposal. The due date is today, but ho and behold, I had finished it less than an hour ago! Now I can finally get some sleep.

See you :)

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