Duck, Duck, Goose!

Is it embarassing to say that I had never had duck until tonight? Well, there I said it. People always say that duck tastes better than chicken, but because it looks brownish and hard to chew, I always skipped it. Today, however, A and I finally got the voucher that I talked about in this post. It's a IDR 20k discount in Bebek Garang, a restaurant serving duck menu. We were like "Yay! Free dinner!" but then we made a huge mistake. We went to a wrong branch of Bebek Garang and they didn't accept the voucher there, so we got to pay. Duck is definitely more expensive than chicken, so we spent like IDR 80k tonight for two main courses, two drinks, and one side dish. It was more expensive than our usual meal for Saturday night, but it was absolutely worth it. The food was very nice and we both really enjoyed it. The serving was also super quick and the toilet was clean. The only thing I hate about Bebek Garang was the fact that they don't have a special smoking area, so there were some people who smoked in the indoor area. It was very annoying. But in general, I would recommend Bebek Garang to you for the nice food :)

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