An Upcoming Something + An Announcement

A and I had a small photo session this afternoon. We're planning on doing a collaborative-project-sort-of-thing. The whole concept is still under construction, but hopefully we can announce it soon.

On a side note, Miss Molly gave birth to three uber cute kittens today. I know I haven't said anything about her pregnancy in this blog; I'm really sorry about that. She went into labour this morning and the last kitten was born in the afternoon (while I was away). It was her first pregnancy and she's still very young (I used to joke that if she were a human, she would be on 16 and Pregnant :p) but she proved that she is a badass lady cat. I'm so proud of her. The three kittens are healthy, but I haven't named them yet as I still can't distinguish their sex. Pictures are going to be shared as soon as they can strike a pose.

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