A Few Thoughts on Man of Steel

Last week was the very first time that I watched a 3D movie, can you believe it? It was so unconvenient, given the fact that I'm a full time eyeglasses wearer now, so I had to wear two pairs of them at the same time. My poor nose had quite a hard time.

Man of Steel was... kinda boring. After being invaded by Marvel superheroes these past years, I found Man of Steel lacking of fresh humour. Did I even let out a single laughter? I don't remember. The Batman trilogy still had some jokes that could crack me up, though not as many as those in Marvel superheroes movies. I don't know if you guys agree, but this lack of jokes made me feel disappointed.

The 3D effects at the first half an hour of the movie were pretty good. But in the middle of the movie, it seemed like they forgot to add the effects. Again, it made me feel disappointed. Luckily, the ticket price for the 3D version was the same as the regular one, so I didn't complain too much. Haha...

Aside of those flaws, I still think that the storyline is good. I like this one better than Superman Returns (though I like the humour in Superman Returns better). It also makes more sense; Lois Lane knows that Clark Kent is Superman. I'd always thought that among all the damsels in distress in other superhero stories, Lois Lane was the dumbest one for not realizing that Clark Kent was Superman. Spiderman wears a mask, so it is understandable that Mary-Jane doesn't know that he's actually Peter Parker. But Superman is just a non-eyeglasses version of Clark Kent and Lois Lane didn't know that. What?

I'll definitely watch the next installment of this new Superman franchise. I heard that Man of Steel is the first movie to introduce the DC Universe and that there is going to be a Justice League movie, but without Christian Bale. We'll see if it's going to be any good, just like The Avengers.