5 Jahre Leben

Hello there, dear Daradise readers! I've abandoned this blog for more than 10 days. I really hope you don't mind me being so moody in blogging lately. I'm not busy or anything, but I'm just not in the mood to sit down in front of my laptop to write. So sorry...

Anyway, A and I got the chance to attend this year's German Cinema Film Festival in Blitzmegaplex Paris van Java on Saturday. We got two tickets for a film entitled 5 Jahre Leben (or 5 Years). It's a movie about an innocent man who is mistakenly jailed for terrorism. He is abused for five years in Guantanamo Bay and forced to confess to a crime that he never did. He's finally released due to the lack of evidence.

It was all fun and I enjoyed the movie, until a scene in which the prisoner is forced to kill a lizard that has been his (kind of) pet in his cell. I cried like a baby and A had to comfort me. It's one of my weaknesses: I always cry whenever animals are killed in movies (guess what happened when I watched Life of Pi?).

5 Jahre Leben was the second movie that we watched this week. Last Thursday, we went to see Man of Steel 3D in Ciwalk together with the people from A's work. But I will talk about the new Superman later because I have to be a timekeeper and scorer in the Scrabble competition in AECS. See you!

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