So What If I'm Obsessed with Wedding?

29 Jun 2013


So what if I'm obsessed with wedding?
How is it different from being obsessed with traveling, cooking, crafting, et cetera?
So what if I love talking about my dream wedding on Twitter?
It's not as if I'm going to get married right at the moment, no?
So what if I already have a wedding plan on my mind?
How is it different from having a plan for cooking dinner?

And why do you have to be bothered by what I'm saying about how I want my wedding to be?
Don't you have anything else to deal with in your life instead of bitching about mine?

Get a fucking life, losers. And yes, it is not a competition because I never said it was.

A Few Thoughts on Man of Steel

27 Jun 2013

Last week was the very first time that I watched a 3D movie, can you believe it? It was so unconvenient, given the fact that I'm a full time eyeglasses wearer now, so I had to wear two pairs of them at the same time. My poor nose had quite a hard time.

Man of Steel was... kinda boring. After being invaded by Marvel superheroes these past years, I found Man of Steel lacking of fresh humour. Did I even let out a single laughter? I don't remember. The Batman trilogy still had some jokes that could crack me up, though not as many as those in Marvel superheroes movies. I don't know if you guys agree, but this lack of jokes made me feel disappointed.

The 3D effects at the first half an hour of the movie were pretty good. But in the middle of the movie, it seemed like they forgot to add the effects. Again, it made me feel disappointed. Luckily, the ticket price for the 3D version was the same as the regular one, so I didn't complain too much. Haha...

Aside of those flaws, I still think that the storyline is good. I like this one better than Superman Returns (though I like the humour in Superman Returns better). It also makes more sense; Lois Lane knows that Clark Kent is Superman. I'd always thought that among all the damsels in distress in other superhero stories, Lois Lane was the dumbest one for not realizing that Clark Kent was Superman. Spiderman wears a mask, so it is understandable that Mary-Jane doesn't know that he's actually Peter Parker. But Superman is just a non-eyeglasses version of Clark Kent and Lois Lane didn't know that. What?

I'll definitely watch the next installment of this new Superman franchise. I heard that Man of Steel is the first movie to introduce the DC Universe and that there is going to be a Justice League movie, but without Christian Bale. We'll see if it's going to be any good, just like The Avengers.

5 Jahre Leben

25 Jun 2013

Hello there, dear Daradise readers! I've abandoned this blog for more than 10 days. I really hope you don't mind me being so moody in blogging lately. I'm not busy or anything, but I'm just not in the mood to sit down in front of my laptop to write. So sorry...

Anyway, A and I got the chance to attend this year's German Cinema Film Festival in Blitzmegaplex Paris van Java on Saturday. We got two tickets for a film entitled 5 Jahre Leben (or 5 Years). It's a movie about an innocent man who is mistakenly jailed for terrorism. He is abused for five years in Guantanamo Bay and forced to confess to a crime that he never did. He's finally released due to the lack of evidence.

It was all fun and I enjoyed the movie, until a scene in which the prisoner is forced to kill a lizard that has been his (kind of) pet in his cell. I cried like a baby and A had to comfort me. It's one of my weaknesses: I always cry whenever animals are killed in movies (guess what happened when I watched Life of Pi?).

5 Jahre Leben was the second movie that we watched this week. Last Thursday, we went to see Man of Steel 3D in Ciwalk together with the people from A's work. But I will talk about the new Superman later because I have to be a timekeeper and scorer in the Scrabble competition in AECS. See you!

How to Make a Meme with Your Own Picture Using Your Android Phone

14 Jun 2013

As odd as it sounds, I really like making memes from my own pictures. (You can see examples in my Instagram account.) I usually use desktop programs like Photoscape or GIMP to create them, but it's quite troublesome since the idea for a meme usually pops up when I'm in the middle of something where I can't just grab my laptop and edit pictures. For that reason, I need a handy app for it. This early morning, when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, I found a way to create memes using an app in my Xperia Miro. It's a simple photo editor app with the option to add text using user installed fonts. I don't know if there's actually a simple app to generate memes from your own picture, but for me this app is quite easy to use. Read along to find out how to use it :)

Dexterous Dame Dara


11 Jun 2013

Midnight coffee has become a routine for me for these past two weeks. All the haze and craze about final paper and student teaching report paper have taken their toll on me. I should've finished writing them, like, last week, but you know me. I'm the number one procrastinator of the year and the best deadline-runner. There's something about the adrenaline-rushing, heart-pumping procrastination that I just can't live without. It's in my blood, ya know.

But perhaps, there's another reason why it takes me so long to finish my papers although I've spent nights staying up late. It's the fact that when the clock strikes two, I always find myself reminiscing last year. There's a lot of thing happened last year. And even though I'm okay now, I can always find something to be sad about from last year's memories at 2 in the morning in every single day.

Every now and then, I need to remind myself of something someone told me a few months ago:
What can't be fixed can only be forgiven.

And let go, if I might add.

And here's a song that I dubbed as "Soundtrack of June 2012":

Keuken #4 The Jolly Camaraderie

10 Jun 2013

I wrote an Indonesian version of this post here. It's not exactly the same, but they generally talk about the same thing.

Among other things that A and I both love, perhaps food has the top place. This Sunday afternoon, we went to Burger King to enjoy their Hot Challenge deal before going to his place to have chiffon cake. Not only that, on the evening, we went to Keuken, an annual food festival. We had ramen and kebab there. My stomach is overjoyed (but also overwhelmed).

Since we didn't get the chance to spend Saturday night together, this Sunday night date was super fun and really helpful for me to escape from the head-spinning revision of skripsi proposal. The due date is today, but ho and behold, I had finished it less than an hour ago! Now I can finally get some sleep.

See you :)

An Upcoming Something + An Announcement

6 Jun 2013

A and I had a small photo session this afternoon. We're planning on doing a collaborative-project-sort-of-thing. The whole concept is still under construction, but hopefully we can announce it soon.

On a side note, Miss Molly gave birth to three uber cute kittens today. I know I haven't said anything about her pregnancy in this blog; I'm really sorry about that. She went into labour this morning and the last kitten was born in the afternoon (while I was away). It was her first pregnancy and she's still very young (I used to joke that if she were a human, she would be on 16 and Pregnant :p) but she proved that she is a badass lady cat. I'm so proud of her. The three kittens are healthy, but I haven't named them yet as I still can't distinguish their sex. Pictures are going to be shared as soon as they can strike a pose.

The Special One is Back!

3 Jun 2013

After six years of waiting, I finally got the good news. Yes, it's official. Jose Mourinho is back to The Bridge. The club's official website has announced it a few minutes ago that The Special One has signed a 4 year contract to be The Blues' manager. I'm a happy girl :)

Duck, Duck, Goose!

1 Jun 2013

Is it embarassing to say that I had never had duck until tonight? Well, there I said it. People always say that duck tastes better than chicken, but because it looks brownish and hard to chew, I always skipped it. Today, however, A and I finally got the voucher that I talked about in this post. It's a IDR 20k discount in Bebek Garang, a restaurant serving duck menu. We were like "Yay! Free dinner!" but then we made a huge mistake. We went to a wrong branch of Bebek Garang and they didn't accept the voucher there, so we got to pay. Duck is definitely more expensive than chicken, so we spent like IDR 80k tonight for two main courses, two drinks, and one side dish. It was more expensive than our usual meal for Saturday night, but it was absolutely worth it. The food was very nice and we both really enjoyed it. The serving was also super quick and the toilet was clean. The only thing I hate about Bebek Garang was the fact that they don't have a special smoking area, so there were some people who smoked in the indoor area. It was very annoying. But in general, I would recommend Bebek Garang to you for the nice food :)