The Student Teaching Examination

I finally had my examination for the student teaching programme I am on this morning. I had been nervous and anxious all day yesterday, but the examination turned out to be far from what I had imagined. It went naturally; very, very naturally that for some moment I forgot that I was being observed by three observers. I chose the XI IPA 7 class to teach for the examination and the students were very supportive and helpful. I knew that I didn't prepare for the examination too well, but they could get along with my weird lesson plan and I could perform quite well and did not become nervous at all. I should thank each one of my students and hug them very, very tightly!

I should also thank A for being uber supportive and being there when I need something to rely on. Yesterday when I was feeling anxious, didn't want to go home, and decided to stay in McDonald's for hours after dark, he came over and accompanied me there. He also helped me with a teaching media. He even came to my school this morning to bring me some stuffs I had forgotten to buy yesterday. He's the best thing that's ever come into my life. I'm such a lucky girl.

The last person I should thank is Velentina. She's been very helpful during the programme and the examination. In fact, she's always been very helpful all these years we spend as college students. We're like partners in crime when it comes to procrastinating and pulling an all nighter as its consequence. Haha!

I love you guys :)