Moral Values

Since I have taught all the materials for the semester but we still got plenty of times before the exams week, we had movie screening recently. The movie I chose was Mean Girls, because I think Mean Girls is funny yet full of lessons that the students can learn about bullying. After watching it, I asked my students to write down the moral values that they could get from the movie. Most of them listed down things like responsibility and "You will not be happy by ruining someone's life."

Their responses for the movie got me thinking about a lot of things. "You will not be happy by ruining someone's life." It made me think about karma. Do you believe in karma? In some ways, I do believe in it; in the other ways, I don't. Just think about: if karma does exist, the world would be one big circle of hell.

Suppose A hurts B in one way or another. Karma takes her role in a form of someone, let's just call that someone as Z. Z hurts A. Then karma takes her role again in a form of someone else we call X. X hurts Z. And so on and so forth until it becomes a sick cycle carousel.

There are times when it crosses my mind how easy it is to try and break someone's heart because they've hurt me or talked bad about me behind my back. But is it worth it? Will it make me happy? Will it make me genuinely happy? Wouldn't it be easier to just forgive and let go? Isn't my life already perfect now?

I should think about it whenever I feel that the world is unfair just because someone is talking bad about me. Hating is exhausting, ya know. How much time do you waste everyday just to think about someone who is not worth thinking?

Stop it. Just stop it.

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest