Last Week in a Nutshell

The whole last week was cray, cray. I had four day-offs due to the National Examination yet I didn't have time to blog anything because as soon as I came home, I passed out in bed. But last week was fun fun fun!


On Tuesday, we went to Dunia Fantasi. It had been 10 years since the last time I went there. A lot of things had changed, including the line in every ride. We spent almost 1.5 hour waiting in a line to try the phenomenal ride Hysteria. And then we spent another 1.5 hour waiting in a line in McDonald's to get our lunch. We ended up going home after having lunch since we'd got our ticket back home and we didn't want to miss the train. But it was fun, though. It was the first time we went out of town together.


Wednesday was the graduation day for some of our seniors. Attending their graduation day boosted up our willingness to finish our final paper as soon as possible. Haha!


A had his 23rd birthday on Thursday. I gave him a little surprise by coming to his place early in the morning, bringing one gift for his birthday and another one for our anniversay (which was on the same day). But the surprise wasn't over yet, as I brought him a birthday cake (plus the unblowable candles) on Saturday. We had a good laugh for about 1 minute and 20 seconds as he tried (so hard) to blow the unblowable candles. He made it, though. Happy birthday, My Darling A! :)

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