(I Think) My Cat is Getting Famous

Last night, Miss Molly was asleep when I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of her. The shutter sound woke her up and seeing that I was holding my camera and taking pictures, she immediately struck a pose and stayed still. I took a lot of pictures while she was posing like a supermodel. I posted some of them to my Instagram account and they got quite a lot likes.

On another story, I also posted her picture on Agatha Christie's official Facebook fan page in response to their Purr-oit picture (a picture of cat with a mustache). I was really surprised when they shared it today and my darling Miss Molly got, like, 300 likes! I bragged about it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I was super excited and I screamed "My cat is faaaaaaaamousssss!!!" to my sister and I took Miss Molly to dance around the house.


The like count escalated to 400, 500, and the last time I checked, it had hit 1,163 likes (including mine). Oh boy is she famous now!

Do you like her stache too? Go like her picture here :)

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