How to Deal with Haters

You may talk bad about me, but NEVER talk bad about elephants. They never forget. (source)

No matter how kind you are as a person, there will always be somebody who hates you. Haters are everywhere and they will always try to let you down. They say nasty things about you, talk about you behind your back, laugh at your failure, and look down at your success. There seems to be nothing that can stop them trying to bring you down.

Nobody is perfect anyway. Some of the bad things they say about you may actually be correct. But you could always look at the brightside. Look around you and see those people who love you despite all your flaws. Now, instead of letting what the haters say go into your head, why don't you just focus on those who love you? Instead of wasting your energy giving a damn about those haters, why don't you just spend it on those who actually care about you?

Like what a lot of people (including A) say, the best revenge is being happy. There's nothing that can bring them down except by showing them that you are happy and that they don't matter at all.

Stop giving a shit about whatever haters are talking about you.

PS. One of the many ways to avoid becoming a hater: stop comparing yourself to others.