Bye Bye, April!

Wow. I can't believe tomorrow is the fifth month in 2013 already. Time goes by really fast, doesn't it? And when I checked this blog, it turns out that I only wrote 8 posts this month (or 9 with this one). I've become a bad blogger and I'm getting worse each day. I should really do something about it.

Now, April huh? April this year has been quite boring. I'm still student teaching in SMAN 3 Bandung, though I (as the student teacher for eleventh graders) had too many holidays because April was the busiest month for the twelfth graders as they had their final exams in this month. Having too many day-offs had made me even lazier. When the final exams were over, I had a hard time getting back to where I was before. I forgot my schedule and my lesson plan. And now, just when I start getting used to it again, the student teaching examination is already right in the corner. Exactly one week from now, I'm going to teach in a class with my supervisor, the English teacher, and the headmaster watching me. Sounds scary, huh?

But that's for next week. Tonight I'm just going to browse my Tumblr dashboard for a good laugh and tomorrow I'm going to create a small surprise for somebody. Come back here tomorrow night (western Indonesia time) for an update.

Love ya!