Bye Bye, April!

30 Apr 2013

Wow. I can't believe tomorrow is the fifth month in 2013 already. Time goes by really fast, doesn't it? And when I checked this blog, it turns out that I only wrote 8 posts this month (or 9 with this one). I've become a bad blogger and I'm getting worse each day. I should really do something about it.

Now, April huh? April this year has been quite boring. I'm still student teaching in SMAN 3 Bandung, though I (as the student teacher for eleventh graders) had too many holidays because April was the busiest month for the twelfth graders as they had their final exams in this month. Having too many day-offs had made me even lazier. When the final exams were over, I had a hard time getting back to where I was before. I forgot my schedule and my lesson plan. And now, just when I start getting used to it again, the student teaching examination is already right in the corner. Exactly one week from now, I'm going to teach in a class with my supervisor, the English teacher, and the headmaster watching me. Sounds scary, huh?

But that's for next week. Tonight I'm just going to browse my Tumblr dashboard for a good laugh and tomorrow I'm going to create a small surprise for somebody. Come back here tomorrow night (western Indonesia time) for an update.

Love ya!

With or Without Makeup?

23 Apr 2013

Every morning (except when I don't feel like it), I take my time to put on some makeup after taking a bath. My makeup routine includes acne gel, sunblock cream, BB cream, face powder, eyeliner, blush on, and (sometimes) chapstick. You can see that the makeup I wear doesn't really make any significant differences to my face. I don't wear makeup to be prettier or something; I just do it for fun. To me, it's as fun as reading John Green's books or watching Fox Crime. It's not an obligation for me to put on makeup before leaving the house; I can go out without it. Everybody has different reasons and I don't have any reason except for having fun.

How about you? Can you leave your house without makeup?

Last Week in a Nutshell

22 Apr 2013

The whole last week was cray, cray. I had four day-offs due to the National Examination yet I didn't have time to blog anything because as soon as I came home, I passed out in bed. But last week was fun fun fun!


On Tuesday, we went to Dunia Fantasi. It had been 10 years since the last time I went there. A lot of things had changed, including the line in every ride. We spent almost 1.5 hour waiting in a line to try the phenomenal ride Hysteria. And then we spent another 1.5 hour waiting in a line in McDonald's to get our lunch. We ended up going home after having lunch since we'd got our ticket back home and we didn't want to miss the train. But it was fun, though. It was the first time we went out of town together.


Wednesday was the graduation day for some of our seniors. Attending their graduation day boosted up our willingness to finish our final paper as soon as possible. Haha!


A had his 23rd birthday on Thursday. I gave him a little surprise by coming to his place early in the morning, bringing one gift for his birthday and another one for our anniversay (which was on the same day). But the surprise wasn't over yet, as I brought him a birthday cake (plus the unblowable candles) on Saturday. We had a good laugh for about 1 minute and 20 seconds as he tried (so hard) to blow the unblowable candles. He made it, though. Happy birthday, My Darling A! :)

Quoted Saturday

20 Apr 2013

Quoted Saturday series is back to celebrate Fall Out Boy's new album released earlier this week.


Save Rock and Roll

15 Apr 2013

I'd say that I don't have to say a lot of things to describe how I'm feeling about my favourite band's comeback album, no? Just press play. You won't be disappointed.

PS. They're releasing this album today (cause it's already April 15th here where I live)

(I Think) My Cat is Getting Famous

12 Apr 2013

Last night, Miss Molly was asleep when I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of her. The shutter sound woke her up and seeing that I was holding my camera and taking pictures, she immediately struck a pose and stayed still. I took a lot of pictures while she was posing like a supermodel. I posted some of them to my Instagram account and they got quite a lot likes.

On another story, I also posted her picture on Agatha Christie's official Facebook fan page in response to their Purr-oit picture (a picture of cat with a mustache). I was really surprised when they shared it today and my darling Miss Molly got, like, 300 likes! I bragged about it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I was super excited and I screamed "My cat is faaaaaaaamousssss!!!" to my sister and I took Miss Molly to dance around the house.


The like count escalated to 400, 500, and the last time I checked, it had hit 1,163 likes (including mine). Oh boy is she famous now!

Do you like her stache too? Go like her picture here :)

How to Deal with Haters

7 Apr 2013

You may talk bad about me, but NEVER talk bad about elephants. They never forget. (source)

No matter how kind you are as a person, there will always be somebody who hates you. Haters are everywhere and they will always try to let you down. They say nasty things about you, talk about you behind your back, laugh at your failure, and look down at your success. There seems to be nothing that can stop them trying to bring you down.

Nobody is perfect anyway. Some of the bad things they say about you may actually be correct. But you could always look at the brightside. Look around you and see those people who love you despite all your flaws. Now, instead of letting what the haters say go into your head, why don't you just focus on those who love you? Instead of wasting your energy giving a damn about those haters, why don't you just spend it on those who actually care about you?

Like what a lot of people (including A) say, the best revenge is being happy. There's nothing that can bring them down except by showing them that you are happy and that they don't matter at all.

Tofu Teriyaki for A's Lunch

3 Apr 2013

On Monday, A started his very first job as a programmer in a game development company. It's a big change for both of us, as we usually spend our day together. Now that he works a 9-to-5 job, we won't be able to have lunch together as often as we did do.

Today, I decided to come to his workplace and bring him lunch. I made Tofu Teriyaki (a simple recipe I've pinned to this Pinterest board) and put it into a lunchbox together with some rice. It looks just like this:

Not really appealing, I know...

And this is his response:

I'm not an expert in cooking. I've just started learning to cook. But this sweet words from him really made me happy and encouraged to keep learning. Perhaps I will cook him lunch every Wednesday? ;)