What's Inside My Bag

You guys, I'm bored. My team is currently one score behind in the big match versus Manchester United. They're playing quite monotonously, so I decided to give you a scope about what's inside my bag. (I know, I know. I made that post before. But it's a different bag with different stuffs inside, so I guess it's okay if I do it again, no?)

Besides the difference in the quality of the pictures, this post and that post also differ in the type of bag and what's inside them. Time flies. When I posted the old WIMB post, I was still in my second year of college. I still carried textbooks everywhere. Now that I'm in my final year and am currently student teaching in a high school, I don't carry textbooks anymore. Instead, I carry these:

1. An ASUS U24E. Bigger than my previous laptop, yet lighter. Also, it's bold red.
2. A Blue Cross wallet. I'm very sad to say that my old black Milk Teddy wallet was lost (again) but this time, it never came back to me.
3. A Minnie Mouse notebook. I don't carry binder notebook anymore.
4. Two bank account books. I have two bank accounts now and I carry these books everywhere without any specific reason.
5. A stationery case.

6. The Three Rey back pack. Which is super comfy!
7. A bone-shaped eyeglasses case. I still have it :)
8. Make up (sunblock, Wardah face powder, Maybelline lipbalm, and Wardah brown eyeliner pencil)
9. Miss Molly. Just kidding! (She's too heavy to be carried around)

10. My students' homework
11. English module

12. A plastic bag. You never know when you will need one.
13. Power terminal. Because I'm a power hunter.
14. Laptop and phone chargers. As said above, I'm a power hunter.
15. A white Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 with Mentari SIM card (for making calls and texting)
16. A black Sony Xperia Miro with Axis SIM card (for catching up with several social networking sites and WhatsApp-ing with my darling A)

Sixteen boring items that I carry around everyday in my boring life. Hope it doesn't bore you, though. Now, back to the boring game...

PS. By the time I published this post, both my team and Manchester United already scored two goals.