The Reason Why I Haven't Started Writing My Skripsi* Yet

As a fourth year university student, I fully understand why you guys keep asking me about the same thing: skripsi. A lot of my friends have already started writing theirs now, and yet here I am still not giving a damn about it. Don't get me wrong. Of course I want to be able to graduate as soon as possible; I have dreams to pursue, after all.

My skripsi proposal is ready to be submitted, actually. It has already been since January. But another requirement for submitting it is a minimum PTESOL score of 500. Alas for me, I hadn't got the chance to take the test until one day before the D-day of skripsi proposal submission due date. (Ya know, after all the haze and craze about Antigone, I had to face the student teaching programme right away.) That is why I have to wait until May, when the second term of skripsi proposal submission is due.

Don't worry, though. Because I passed the minimum PTESOL score requirement.

613, dude!

*skripsi: a term Indonesian people use to call the final paper that bachelor degree students have to write to be able to graduate and get their degree