Sunday (and a Few Thoughts on Being M.I.A.)


It was a perfect Sunday. I got to see my girls in the morning, had brunch together, had a photobooth sesh, and talked about a lot of things. Velentina and I are student teaching in the same school, whilst Lianisya and Diana are student teaching in another school, so there were a lot of things to catch up with.

And as if that was not amazing enough, in the afternoon, I got to see my boy too. We had a small pizza together and went to play PIU game. He went to Cirebon yesterday, so we only got to spend a brief time on Saturday night. Thus, today we made it up by spending the whole afternoon together.

I'm currently trying to catch up with my blog readers. I've been missing every now and then since months ago. Let's just say that I'm finally facing blogger's block once again. I don't quite know what to write, partly because my life has been kinda boring lately. It has been the same routine over and over again: wake up, dress up, go to school, teach a class or two, go to see my boy/tutor a student/go to a meeting, go home, and fall asleep.

But I've never gone too far from here. I'm still available on Twitter, though. Oh and Instagram too. So, if you miss me (as if!), you can follow my Twitter or my Instagram.

I still love you guys!

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