We are Infinite

You guys, I finally watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower this afternoon. I've had the film on my laptop since last year (which means, like, two months ago) but Mijra and I had promised that we would watch it together. We were both busy and couldn't find the right time to meet, so we finally decided to watch it semi-together. How? We were both home and sitting in front of both of our laptops and we played the film at the exactly same time. Yeah, it was a long-distant movie date.

As you might have known, I bought myself the novel for my birthday last year. The film was already out back then, so the novel I bought had Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller on its cover. I read it with the three faces in mind, so when I watched the film, it was already like what I had imagined whilst reading the novel. Logan and Emma made great Charlie and Sam. But Ezra... (OH MY GOD, EZRA!) Well, hands down, Ezra was the actual star in this film. He successfully portrayed the Patrick as gay as I could've imagined. I love Patrick.

Have you watched The Perks?