Graduation Day

Me at my graduation day in junior high

This morning, I decided to, among other things, stalk this one particular girl's photo albums on Facebook. I came across one picture in which she was wearing kebaya. I browsed through the whole album and saw a bunch of pictures of her and her friends in their graduation day. All the girls were beautiful in their kebayas and all the guys were handsome in their suits.

And then I fell into nostalgia. I recalled my senior year in high school and I remembered my own graduation day, which was nonexistent. That year, our school didn't hold graduation ceremony. There was one in the previous year. There was also one in the next year. And none for Gretchen Weiners!

Poor me and the whole class of 2009 didn't have pictures like those of the girl I stalked. There was prom, though. But I didn't attend it because I wasn't a member of the cool kids, and of course nobody asked me to be their prom date.

Oh well, I'm whining again.