City versus Chelsea

26 Feb 2013

It was Super Sunday in English Premier League. A and I decided to go to Clio Cafe to watch the big match between Manchester City versus Chelsea together with both team's supporters club. However, since I am Cinderella, we had to leave on the break time between the first and the second half-time. Chelsea also lost 2-0. But the interesting part in watching football matches together with the supporters clubs was the chants war. I had fun for the full 45 minutes.

And of course, A wore his team, Bayern Munchen.

Say No to Abstention

22 Feb 2013

One of my students wore this campaign jacket to school

I rarely talk/write about politics, merely because I agree with those citizens who say that politicians are untrustworthy. But when it comes to voting, be it to choose the president, governor, or mayor, I always participate. West Java is going to vote for its governor on Sunday. There are five couples of candidate (governor and vice-governor), with our current governor and vice-governor both run as governor candidates with their own new partners. I've read some of my friends' tweets that they are not going to vote. I, however, don't recommend abstention. We should use our rights to vote as wise as possible for the better future of West Java. Even one vote counts and can make difference. Please use your voting rights, untuk Jabar yang lebih baik :)

And it's perfectly fine.

18 Feb 2013

Life's been quite confusing lately, well at least at this part of the world where I'm living in. I've been torn in between "Oh I need to hold his hands right now!" and "His work shouldn't be interrupted by my demanding voice at all." Surely we all want to be there whenever our loved ones are in a stressful condition, but there are also times that it's best if we just leave them alone and give them some space, some room to breathe. Or move. Or work, come to think of that. I've never been that kind of girl who can be really reasonable, understanding, and supportive to her boyfriend, but of course I should try to be. I have to.

Because whatever it is he's going through right now, the result may not be for his own only. It may be for mine too.

A Valentine's Day Mixtape

15 Feb 2013

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but I guess it's still okay for me to share my favourite love songs. So, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you... *drum roll*

(Link only works for two weeks)

The cover artwork is crappy, I know. But, hey! It's my own handwriting, yo. There is one song in Indonesian and one song in Korean (FYI, I'm not into the K-Pop trend. That song is a guilty pleasure for me.) I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do. Have a nice weekend from me and A! :)

I love this guy

We are Infinite

10 Feb 2013

You guys, I finally watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower this afternoon. I've had the film on my laptop since last year (which means, like, two months ago) but Mijra and I had promised that we would watch it together. We were both busy and couldn't find the right time to meet, so we finally decided to watch it semi-together. How? We were both home and sitting in front of both of our laptops and we played the film at the exactly same time. Yeah, it was a long-distant movie date.

As you might have known, I bought myself the novel for my birthday last year. The film was already out back then, so the novel I bought had Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller on its cover. I read it with the three faces in mind, so when I watched the film, it was already like what I had imagined whilst reading the novel. Logan and Emma made great Charlie and Sam. But Ezra... (OH MY GOD, EZRA!) Well, hands down, Ezra was the actual star in this film. He successfully portrayed the Patrick as gay as I could've imagined. I love Patrick.

Have you watched The Perks?

Graduation Day

8 Feb 2013

Me at my graduation day in junior high

This morning, I decided to, among other things, stalk this one particular girl's photo albums on Facebook. I came across one picture in which she was wearing kebaya. I browsed through the whole album and saw a bunch of pictures of her and her friends in their graduation day. All the girls were beautiful in their kebayas and all the guys were handsome in their suits.

And then I fell into nostalgia. I recalled my senior year in high school and I remembered my own graduation day, which was nonexistent. That year, our school didn't hold graduation ceremony. There was one in the previous year. There was also one in the next year. And none for Gretchen Weiners!

Poor me and the whole class of 2009 didn't have pictures like those of the girl I stalked. There was prom, though. But I didn't attend it because I wasn't a member of the cool kids, and of course nobody asked me to be their prom date.

Oh well, I'm whining again.

The break's over!

7 Feb 2013

I literally lost my breath for a milisecond when I saw Pete Wentz's Instagram account a few days ago. He announced that Fall Out Boy's hiatus was over and they are releasing their new album in May. Their single is already out. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark shows that Fall Out Boy has changed. However, the song is good enough as a comeback single. Oh how I've missed the boys!

"Good morning, Baby."

5 Feb 2013

Isn't it nice to wake up to a "Good morning, Baby" text?
Here's to both of us, Darling, to make us get through the day.
I love you, A.