"I'm soooooooooo changeable."
- Jim Moriarty

I finally changed this blog's domain once again, from putdar.net to daradise.com. Daradise is a derivation from Dara (my name) and the word 'paradise'. Lame, I know. But somehow I like it.

With the changing of the domain, I'm also thinking about changing some other things: blog's name, layout, and language. I've been thinking about the language I'm using for months, actually. I started this blog in Bahasa Indonesia, but then I used English up until now. I have international readers and followers because of that. However, I think if I go back to using Bahasa Indonesia in my posts (with some code switching between Bahasa and English), perhaps this blog will get more readers from my own country. And... I don't know, perhaps I could finally be as famous as those Indonesian bloggers?

I know, I know. Being famous was not actually my goal when I started blogging. But having a lot of readers and followers is every blogger's dream, right? So, now I'm torn between two choices: keep blogging in English or go on in Bahasa Indonesia.

What do you think?