Student Teaching Programme

30 Jan 2013

At first, after getting through the haze and craze of seventh semester and abandoning this blog, I thought I could go back to regular blogging during this student teaching programme. Alas, I kid you not, I've become even busier with lesson plans and such. It only took two days for me to realize that teaching is much, much harder than I thought it was. I've handled one class full of fifth graders before, but teaching eleventh graders is way more complicated. Teenagers are tricky. It's quite easy to make children like you, but teenagers hate everybody. I still have a lot to learn.

Antigone (yet again)

27 Jan 2013

Most of my classmates still cannot move on from Antigone. I am no exception. Here are six more pictures I have promised:

Antigone (again)

24 Jan 2013

You guys: Antigone was a huge success.

I don't know if my acting was good or bad, but the whole play itself was a good success. Our drama teacher gave us a standing ovation and she actually cried whilst giving us comments at the end of our performance. I rarely have this I'm-going-to-tell-my-grandkids-someday event in my life, so I'm kinda proud of being the titular character of this drama performance.


Here are two pictures of (some parts of) my face as Antigone:

My eyes were ugly as hell from the lack of sleep, but it was worth it!

More pictures are to come. I didn't get the chance to take a lot of pictures of myself as I was too nervous to think. Those fake eyelashes I was wearing were heavy too, so I was actually in a lot of pain during the D-day. But again, it was worth it.

And with this drama performance, seventh semester officially ended. I'm now in my eighth semester, hopefully my very last semester as a bachelor degree student. I'm student teaching in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung starting yesterday. It's getting real, yo. Real life is waiting for me and I'm quite excited to kick its butt. Optimism!


17 Jan 2013

I completely forget if I had told you that I got a part in my class' drama production of Sophocle's Antigone. I auditioned for the part of Ismene, but ended up getting the titular character. Yes, I get to play as Antigone, Oedipus' daughter. I've spent so many afternoons practicing for the part. The play itself is going to be held next week, 22 January 2012, in my faculty building.

This is my very first experience in acting. Boy am I so nervous.

My make up as Antigone


13 Jan 2013

"I'm soooooooooo changeable."
- Jim Moriarty

I finally changed this blog's domain once again, from to Daradise is a derivation from Dara (my name) and the word 'paradise'. Lame, I know. But somehow I like it.

With the changing of the domain, I'm also thinking about changing some other things: blog's name, layout, and language. I've been thinking about the language I'm using for months, actually. I started this blog in Bahasa Indonesia, but then I used English up until now. I have international readers and followers because of that. However, I think if I go back to using Bahasa Indonesia in my posts (with some code switching between Bahasa and English), perhaps this blog will get more readers from my own country. And... I don't know, perhaps I could finally be as famous as those Indonesian bloggers?

I know, I know. Being famous was not actually my goal when I started blogging. But having a lot of readers and followers is every blogger's dream, right? So, now I'm torn between two choices: keep blogging in English or go on in Bahasa Indonesia.

What do you think?

Why do I wear braces and contacts?

7 Jan 2013

So, this is me:

 I wear contacts because my eyesight is that bad, and wearing glasses is sometimes incovenient:

And I wear braces because my teeth were that messed up:

See? If you don't know the real sitch, might as well not judge :)

Well hello there, 2013!

2 Jan 2013

2012 was quite a roller coaster ride for me personally. The apocalypse might have been canceled (LOL yeah...) but, as Diana once said, the world really ended at 2012 for me. I hit my low in the middle of May, got back on my feet again in June, only to hit a new low in September. Things changed at that moment, and I'm not sure if I will ever be whole again.

One of the things that changed in September is how I see the noun 'life'. I've become even more pessimistic than I had ever been all my life. So, I don't expect anything in 2013 other than to start (and finish) my final paper and get my bachelor degree in December.

Anyhow, I spent the new year's eve with my amazing boyfriend (did I just use the word 'amazing' to describe him?) and four friends. We cooked spaghetti and then went to Pasupati highway in the middle of the night to see the firework party. At 2am we came back to Arif's place and watch Shutter, but didn't finish it because we passed out one by one.

It was a one night well spent :)

Happy new year from the boy and me!