Table Manner: Round 2

You might (or might not) remember that last year I took a table manner course as one of the requirements to pass Intercultural Communication class. I passed the class successfully (I got a B); but since I was supposed to take that class this semester, I didn't take the table manner course with my classmates. It was such a bummer because I got to attend the course with seniors. I didn't dress very well and didn't take many pictures.

That was why I decided to retake the course (not the class, though; only the table manner course).

Last year, the table manner course was held at lunch time and the students wore more casual. This year, it was held at dinner time and we were asked to wear formal clothes. The guys were all suited up and the girls wore dresses. Everybody took the course very seriously that some of them went dress and shoes hunting and such. Suddenly it was all like high school and prom night over again. It was fun, though, since I didn't attend my senior prom in high school (it's a sad story I don't wanna tell ya. Sorry...)

I wore a cute pink-ish purple floral dress (of which Velentina said was unlike me at all) and had my make up and hijab done by Ian. I took 130+ photos and had fun. It was much more fun than last year, I swear!

And being pretty didn't prevent me from being me. I photobombed. A lot!