Almeria versus Crazy World

On 11 December, two of my favourite bands released their latest albums: Lifehouse with their Almeria, and Boys Like Girls with their Crazy World. Both of them had released a single a few months ago, so I had been waiting excitedly for these two albums.

However, I must say that I'm a bit disappointed with Almeria. Lifehouse's last album before it (Smoke and Mirrors) was very good. Of all the 18 tracks, only 2 or 3 that I didn't like. Almeria has 13 tracks, and the only one I like is only Between The Raindrops. The rest of the album don't sound like Lifehouse at all. Well, I understand that they wanted to try new things, but this thing they did didn't please my ear. Sorry.

Crazy World, on the other hand, has made me fall in love right since the first seconds of the first track, The First Time. Boys Like Girls have released three albums so far, and I've never been disappointed with any of them. They surely tried new things in Crazy World, but they didn't lose their identity. The songs are still 'Boys Like Girls-ish'.

What do you think? Have you bought these albums? Which album do you think is the better one?