26 Dec 2012

These people are the ones I've spent my latest 3,5 years with. And it breaks my heart to say that this might be the last time we took pictures like this.

An Update from Miss Molly

25 Dec 2012

Two nights ago, Ernestine successfully guessed that I named my cat after Molly Hooper, the pathology lab assistant who works at the morgue of Barts in Sherlock BBC. Yeah, I'm that obsessed with the series. Actually, I'm planning on getting two more (male) cats and name them Sherlock and John. Oh how wonderful it would be...

A few days ago, Molly went outside, just like she always does every morning, and got into a fight with a big cat. She came how very dirty and shaking. She's still too young for a cat fight, I guess. I gave her a warm bath and hugged her for half an hour. Poor creature... :(

After that incident, Molly still goes outside every morning, but never too far from our front door. I guess she learnt a lesson from the fight.

The Apocalypse

22 Dec 2012

Hi! Just a quick post to let you know that I survived the apocalypse and that I am safe and sound. Hope everyone is doing okay too!

PS. I put "2012 apocalypse survivor" under my photo on the sidebar, just so you know ;)

PPS. Those pictures above have nothing to do with the post, actually. (Duh!)

At the Parking Lot

19 Dec 2012

Have you ever remembered someone all of a sudden and how he treated you wrong, and then you looked around and found that there is someone else in front of you now who treats you so much better than him? I know I shouldn't have compared them, as it's unfair for both of them, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't help but think how lucky I am now to have this person by my side. Perhaps I've finally found someone worth fighting for.

(And there you were, at the parking lot, folding the raincoat for me.)

Almeria versus Crazy World

17 Dec 2012

On 11 December, two of my favourite bands released their latest albums: Lifehouse with their Almeria, and Boys Like Girls with their Crazy World. Both of them had released a single a few months ago, so I had been waiting excitedly for these two albums.

However, I must say that I'm a bit disappointed with Almeria. Lifehouse's last album before it (Smoke and Mirrors) was very good. Of all the 18 tracks, only 2 or 3 that I didn't like. Almeria has 13 tracks, and the only one I like is only Between The Raindrops. The rest of the album don't sound like Lifehouse at all. Well, I understand that they wanted to try new things, but this thing they did didn't please my ear. Sorry.

Crazy World, on the other hand, has made me fall in love right since the first seconds of the first track, The First Time. Boys Like Girls have released three albums so far, and I've never been disappointed with any of them. They surely tried new things in Crazy World, but they didn't lose their identity. The songs are still 'Boys Like Girls-ish'.

What do you think? Have you bought these albums? Which album do you think is the better one?

Table Manner: Round 2

16 Dec 2012

You might (or might not) remember that last year I took a table manner course as one of the requirements to pass Intercultural Communication class. I passed the class successfully (I got a B); but since I was supposed to take that class this semester, I didn't take the table manner course with my classmates. It was such a bummer because I got to attend the course with seniors. I didn't dress very well and didn't take many pictures.

That was why I decided to retake the course (not the class, though; only the table manner course).

Last year, the table manner course was held at lunch time and the students wore more casual. This year, it was held at dinner time and we were asked to wear formal clothes. The guys were all suited up and the girls wore dresses. Everybody took the course very seriously that some of them went dress and shoes hunting and such. Suddenly it was all like high school and prom night over again. It was fun, though, since I didn't attend my senior prom in high school (it's a sad story I don't wanna tell ya. Sorry...)

I wore a cute pink-ish purple floral dress (of which Velentina said was unlike me at all) and had my make up and hijab done by Ian. I took 130+ photos and had fun. It was much more fun than last year, I swear!

And being pretty didn't prevent me from being me. I photobombed. A lot!

"Guru adalah pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa."

4 Dec 2012

The title is a famous saying in my country. I don't know if there's an English version of the saying, but it literally means "Teachers are heroes without medals." You know, since they have a very noble and honourable job, teaching (and raising) young generations and future leaders.

And I may or may not become one.

Growing up, I had always wanted to be a teacher. When I was a kid, I used to play with my friends where they played students and I got to play the teacher. It was fun. And I also have some relatives who are teachers, so teaching has been a part of my life so far. When I was a senior in high school, I knew that I wanted to go major in English education. It was simply because 1) I wanted to be a teacher; and 2) I loved English.

My dad was a little bit (just a tiny bit) against my idea. He thought that I shouldn't have taken English as my major; English was supposed to be a complementary, not the primary thing to study. But he let me choose it anyway.

And here I am now, almost at the end of my seventh semester in English Education Department. Do I still want to be a teacher? I doubt so. Why, you may ask? Because I partially don't feel the passion anymore. When I'm sitting in front of my laptop like this, writing and reading stuffs on the internet, being a teacher is not what I want anymore. I want to be something else, just not teacher.

However, I really enjoyed teaching in fifth grade a few weeks ago. I even thought of going back to the school to teach for several more meetings.

I've still yet to figure out what I want to be after graduating university and getting my sarjana pendidikan degree. But as for now, I know I have to be a teacher. At least for the student teaching program; one full semester starting on February.

Oh and by the way, did I tell you that I'm going to student-teach in SMAN 3 Bandung? It's currently number one high school in Bandung. Boy am I so afraid to start this program.

Oh December!

2 Dec 2012

For us seniors, this December is the last month to sit in class and (pretend to) listen to the teachers and lecturers. This is the last month to be overwhelmed by the (seemingly) never ending homeworks and assignments. Next month, we're all going to have our very last exams as college students. After that, we'll have a drama performance and then we should say goodbye to campus life and focus on the student teaching program. The program will last for a semester, and then we should start focusing on our final paper.

The end is near; it's actually getting closer and closer each day.

Quoted Saturday

1 Dec 2012

One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving. (Paulo Coelho)
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