Hi! Miss Molly here! (And I got tons of pictures of me.)

29 Nov 2012

Silly Darla took a blurry picture of me
Hello... I'm Miss Molly, Darla's new cat. She loves me so much that she allows me to write a blog post on invade her blog. So, let me introduce myself:

My name is Molly. Duh. But I prefer being called Miss Molly. Thank you.

I'm only 4 months old, but I'm already fabulous. I even have black spots on the right side and left side of my nose which look like a moustache. Add a monocle, and I look like this guy.

Once at a red light.

26 Nov 2012


I have been riding my motorcycle everywhere since June 2010. I have also been ranting and rambling and complaining about this city's traffic on Twitter since June 2010. Bandung is a beautiful city but the traffic is seriously annoying. I have met a lot of ignorant people who don't give a damn about their lives, let alone other people's, by recklessly driving. I do believe that my ability to curse has been increasing for the past two years. Seriously.

However, last Sunday morning, I met an extraordinary man who successfully made me smile all my way to Arif's place.

That Sunday, I had a meeting appointment with some people in Arif's place. I went there by riding my motorcycle as usual. I was at a red light in Sukajadi, when a man riding his motorcycle with (seemingly) his wife stopped beside me. He looked at me and noticed that I was bringing an extra helmet. He then mocked me "Why do you have two helmets with you? I bet you told your mother that you were meeting a friend, when it really is a guy you are going to see." And then he laughed. I looked at him, rather surprised since no stranger had ever talked to me at red lights; though I laughed anyway. But the light turned green right then and we had to drive off.

It was just a simple joke that you might find not funny at all, but it really made my day. I had always thought of the traffic as the ugliest side of the society, but this man had given me back a little hope for mankind.

Quoted Saturday

24 Nov 2012

When all the wishes in your mind, all the dreams you’ve had and all the things you’ve ever hoped for soared into the sky and were reflected in someone’s eyes, then you have found your destiny. (Anonymous)
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Welcoming a new family member.

16 Nov 2012

So, my future career as a crazy cat lady has officialy begun, as yesterday I brought home a 4-month-old cat. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Miss Molly:

I am yet to take better pictures using a proper camera. Those are taken from my Instagram (follow @DarlaOct!).

And yes, that last picture is Miss Molly messing around with my laptop and watching One Direction's video for What Makes You Beautiful. I have a Directioner cat!

The Winner Takes It All

13 Nov 2012

I'm just so much in love with ABBA. It's a shame that they haven't reunited and recorded a new album yet. I mean, come on! Who else could create such a sad, sad song with the music that we can dance to?

Weekend is for...

11 Nov 2012

1. ... boarding a third-class passenger train to Padalarang together for the first time.

2. ... going to a wedding reception together for the first time.

How was your weekend?

Quoted Saturday

10 Nov 2012


So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them. (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)


6 Nov 2012

Tonight, he and I talked about several things for two hours. I've been a little bit more sensitive than I usually am, but talking to him tonight had made it better. It's nice, sometimes, to just sit and talk and listen and do nothing else.


5 Nov 2012

One week before started teaching at Cipaganti Elementary, my friends and I did an observation there. We sat at the back of the class and watched the teacher delivering the lesson. At one point, one of my friends was asked to pronounce some words in front of the class for the students to repeat. She accidentally pronounced ninth as [neenth] instead of [nahynth] and the students all followed her.

This is the kind of mistake that I'm afraid I would do when teaching them.

She said she would fix it when she got her chance to teach the class, though. Her turn is this coming Wednesday. Mine is next week. It's getting closer and closer. I'm really nervous.

Birthday Gifts

4 Nov 2012

Last week, on Friday, I had my 21st birthday. And you know what is the most exciting part of having a birthday? No, not the aging, but the gifts! Oh yes, the gifts! (I'm 21, but still 5 on the inside...)

So, I'm skipping the regular Weekend is for... series to share with you what I got for my birthday. Here they are:


1 Nov 2012

My manfriend is bad not so good at this game :p

I have to admit that this game is kinda addicted. Besides, it's available for Android devices too. So, yeah...

Do you play this game? I'm darlaoct. Challenge me! :)