Trifles (another 'nevermind!' post)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary's definition of trifle

Last week we were assigned to discuss a play script written by Susan Glaspell entitled "Trifles". It was about an investigation of a murder of John Wright in his bedroom with her wife, Minnie Wright, as the main suspect. The class was divided into 6 groups, and my group was assigned to discuss the theme of the play. I, being the internet-addict (and the laziest student my university has ever had) that I am, decided to google it and found some arguments that the play has the theme of feminism. Here's what I finally delivered as a report in front of the class:

In this play, the male characters mock the female ones because they think that the ladies put too much attention to small and 'unimportant' things. This makes the title: Trifles. The men keep looking for evidence in the form of weapons, blood, prints, and such. The women, on the other hand, pay more attention to the personal side of the suspect in the form of the state of her kitchen and all the things they can find there; or the real evidence, as the ladies can find the real motive behind the murder whilst the men find nothing.

The first thing that came into my mind when I concluded said things about was exactly like: "Oh my God, this is so true!" Putting too much attention to small and 'unimportant' things? That's us, ladies. From my own experience, I believe that I tend to overthink and overanalyse small things in my everyday life. On one of those days, I could spend more than an hour to decide which clothes I should wear or if my headscarf match my shirt or not. Small things like that could easily stress me out.

And right now, I've been feeling so grumpy about a really unimportant thing (and by 'unimportant', I mean 'very, VERY unimportant'): my relationship status on Facebook. I know, right?

This is silly. Thinking about this trifle won't help me solve any murder cases; nor will it help me get through all these assignments that I really should pay attention to instead.