And so it's safe to say that I don't have a phone now.

I had planned to write how shitty September was for me and how I had these hopes and fears for October. However, since my phone decided to die and went into coma last night, I think I'll just save those things for later and ramble about my phone instead.

So, last night I'd finally had enough with all the forced-closes and lags. I googled the latest version of GingerDX and downloaded it. I installed it on my phone, but then my phone got stuck on this screen after reboot:

Based on what I read in an article, it is called 'soft brick'. No worries, though. I just needed to repair it using the PC companion software, and so I did. And it worked. But it got my phone back to unrooted Eclair. That means I could only do very limited things with my phone. I tried to root it again and re-installed GingerDX (because, ya know, you can't use Instagram on Eclair). Andddddd... it went nuts once again. It's been on the same screen for hours now.

Guess it's time for me to get a new phone.