At one moment in your life, you might be so broken that you would start thinking "How could I survive this far?". I mean, it's not like you've never had a broken heart before. You've loved and lost. You've had your heart and feeling bruised and battered. You've fought some wars. But now there's this scar, an enormous scar that doesn't seem to be able to heal as easy as the other scars before.

Someone built you up so high, only to let you come crushing to the ground. He picked up the pieces of you, only to throw them back all together.

And you can't stand this city anymore. Because in every street, every building, every place, you can smell his perfume. Every song you listene to reminds you of his smile & his laughter. Wherever you go, you'd hope that he happened to be there too (either by pure coincidence or because you read each other's check-ins on Foursquare). You read between the lines in his newest blog post, you watch his Twitter's timeline; looking for a sign if he's still thinking of you the same way you think of him.

All you want is for him to come and knock on your door. Once again.

But things are complicated. Things have been said and done. You want to be mad, but not sure at whom. In the end, you only hate yourself even more than before. All your friends (bless them!) keep telling you to watch the warning sign, but you're just too dumb stubborn to listen.

You keep believing in someday.

So tell me now, how could I survive this far?

Because I don't think I'll survive this one.

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